Evaluating Innovative Process Models in Construction Project Management


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Faculty ofComputing, Engineeringand the Built EnvironmentCoursework Assessment BriefAcademic Year 2016-17Module:BNV7044 Innovation in ConstructionAssessment Title:CWRK002: ReportAssessment Identifier:CWRK002Weighting: 70%School:School of Engineering and the Built EnvironmentModule Co-ordinator:Mr. Vermy Gunaratne and Mr. Nalin GilbertHand in deadline date:See iCity/Moodle on the intranet for details. http://moodle.bcu.ac.ukHand back date:See iCity/Moodle on the intranet for details. http://moodle.bcu.ac.ukRe-assessment hand in deadline date:Will be notified by the ICBT UniversitySupport available for students required to submit a re-assessment:Any support requied could be requested from the module co-ordinator via email for the period immediately preceding the hand in dateNOTE:At the first assessment attempt, the full range of marks is available. At the re-assessment attempt the mark is capped and the maximum mark that can be achieved is 50%.Assessment SummaryYou should provide a written report:a)introducing the innovative idea, a substantive argument for its selection and critically analysis of its applicability ingeneralb)development of a substantive argument critically analysing an innovation in practice and presenting an argued strategy that might be more successful.3,000 word limit.
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IMPORTANT STATEMENTSCheating and PlagiarismBoth cheating and plagiarism are totally unacceptable and the University maintains a strict policy against them. It is YOUR responsibility to be aware of this policy and to act accordingly. Please refer to the Academic Registry Guidance at https://icity.bcu.ac.uk/Academic-Registry/Information-for-Students/Assessment/Avoiding-Allegations-of-CheatingThe basic principles are:Don’t pass off anyone else’s work as your own, including work from “essay banks”. This is plagiarism and is viewed extremely seriously by the University.Don’t submit a piece of work in whole or in part that has already been submitted for assessment elsewhere. This is called duplication and, like plagiarism, is viewed extremely seriously by the University.Always acknowledge all of the sources that you have used in your coursework assignment or project.If you are using the exact words of another person, always put them in quotation marks.Check that you know whether the coursework is to be produced individually or whether you can work with others.If you are doing group work, be sure about what you are supposed to do on your own.Never make up or falsify data to prove your point.Never allow others to copy your work.Never lend disks, memory sticks or copies of your coursework to any other student in the University; this may lead you being accused of collusion.By submitting coursework, either physically or electronically, you are confirming that it is your own work (or, in the case of a group submission, that it is the result of joint work undertaken by members of the group that you represent) and that you have read and understand the University’s guidance on plagiarism and cheating.Students should be aware that, at the discretion of the module co-ordinator, coursework may be submitted to an electronic detection system in order to help ascertain if any plagiarised material is present.Electronic Submission of WorkStudents should also be aware that it is their responsibility to ensure that work submitted inelectronic format can be opened on a faculty computer and to check that any electronic submissions have been successfully uploaded. If it cannot be opened it will not be marked.Any required file formats will be specified in the assignment brief and failure to comply withthese submission requirements will result in work not being marked. Students must retain a copy of all electronic work they have submitted and resubmit if requested.
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Learning Outcomes to be Assessed:1.Identify and define innovation issues and trends influencing the construction process.2.Use research and advanced scholarship skills to inquire into the appropriateness of current and innovative process models and organisational behaviour for the practice of construction project management.3.Evaluate project and organisational processes, people and services and the way that they accommodate change.4.Use analytical research skills to critically assess the processes of change and devise strategy for successful implementation innovative approaches.Assessment Details: You should submit a written report:a)introducing the innovative idea, a substantive argument for its selection and critically analysis of its applicability in generalb)development of a substantive argument critically analysing an innovation in practice and presenting an argued strategy that might be more successful.TasksProduce a report containing the followings (given sections are only for guidance):Selection/discovery/creation of an innovation ideaIntroduction to the theories associated with this ideaCritical analysis of its applicability in generalContext within which you are planning to apply/use this idea; further explanation would be required interims of processes and people currently in placea strategy for change and any associated difficultiesparticipation of key players in the changeeffect of the change on the organisation/projectYou need to recognise and reflect on process, technology and the various “people” and stakeholder issues involved.SubmissionStudents shall work individually and submit a report on or before the given date, and it shall contain the following:A cover page giving title, name of student, the date of submission and total number of words used (excluding references and annexes).The main text preferably in appropriate sections addressing the given tasksAnnexes if anyNumber of words of the report shall be 3000 (+/- 10%).Assessment Criteria:Knowledge and understanding (40%)This addresses understanding and critical awareness of the subject matter in question. Youare expected to form original ideas where appropriate from understanding theory (for example change management related theories) and context. Express clear focus with no significant omissions or unnecessary issues.
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