Self-Assessment of Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses


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2LEADERSHIPQuestion 3: Results, insight, and conclusion of self-assessmentThe findings of the self-assessment reveal various aspects of the leadership and I have shared itwith my best friend who gives me their perspectives regarding my self-assessment. According to meseveral strengths and weakness are associated with the leadership process that leaves both positive andnegative impact on my leadership approach. Based on this assessment my friend has said that it isimportant for the human being to reduce their weakness and to develop themselves as a leader. Accordingto him the between the strength and weakness as the leader it is important for me to eliminate theweakness and to concentrate on the strength. According to my close friend is a leadership, it is importantfor me to be an active listener as active listening will allow me to understand the perspectives of other thatare big area of the leadership (Klaus & Fernando, 2016). However, if a person is not able to understandand respect other’s viewpoints then it is difficult for them to be a good leader as for an effective leader itis crucial to give value to other perspectives. On the other hand, it has been realized by me that for goodleader it is important to be good decision maker as it will enable me to take decision for long term actionand to analyze the proper information regarding the organization. Hence, based on such aspect of my selfassessment my friend has said that it is vital to be a good decision maker in order to manage a leadershipwhile it is important for me to take right decision regarding any issue within the organization as a smallerror in the decision making of a leader may lead the organization to face difficulties in their operationand team management.Identification of the weakness is important for an individual while working as a professional inthe business sector as detection of the weakness enables the individuals to improve them personally andprofessionally (Wei et al., 2016). From the self-assessment, it has been addressed by me that lack ofgood verbal communication resists me to be an effective leader within the organization. According to myclose friend I need to overcome this weakness as for a good leadership good communication is necessarywith the team members and the management. Regarding him I need more interaction with my teammembers to improve my communication level and need to focus on the adoption of alternative languageas language barrier is the big issue of the interaction within the professional sectors. Regarding my friend,we should not let our weakness to ruin our strength as often the lack of confidence destroys the skills ofthe individuals. It has been received that there are many elements in the professional sectors thatpositively and negatively influence the leadership style. According to my friend from the various factors Ineed to focus on the positive factors and to discard the negative factors to improve myself as an effectiveleader in my organization. One of the most important is the anger that may affect my leadership as I am avery short-tempered person. Hence, based on such character my friend suggested me to control my
Self-Assessment of Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses_2

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