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Running head:LEADERSHIPLeadership in BusinessName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
2LEADERSHIPQuestion 4: Journal discussionSelf-reflection and discussion of the insight with reliable one is an effective method toidentify the depth of the knowledge (Arslan & Staub, 2013). According to me being an effectiveleader, it is crucial for me to take challenges and to make myself flexible at any workingenvironment. One of the most important things is to discard the weakness and to gives yourconcentration on the strength. However, improving the skill is another essential element for agood leadership. According to the popular view, it is important for the individual to develop theirexisting skill and to adopt new skill to make them as an effective leader in their organization. Mymajor weakness that is identified by me is the lack of efficiency in the verbal communication.Hence, as per the suggestions of my reliable person I have learned that adoption of alternativelanguages and more interaction with the people within the workplace will be beneficial for me toreduce my weakness. On the other hand, it has been addressed by me that active listening willhelp me to understand the perspectives of the team members, which also enable me to improvemy communication skill. Therefore, a leader needs the ability to make the good decision duringany challenges, for this reason, it is important for me to take correct decision and a wrongdecision will spoil the entire performance of my team. I have got more ideas through thediscussion of my strength and weakness with my close and reliable one. I have found thataggressive nature of the individuals may resist them to develop themselves as a good leader asaggressive behavior build a barrier between the leaders and the team members that will hampertheir collaborative work. Moreover, it can be said for a good leadership hard working,confidence and skill are the major there elements that are required by the individuals in theirprofessional life.According to my perception, I have some advantages as well as some disadvantageousqualities within me which might affect my position as a leader in many ways. As far as I havebeen able to analyze myself, I feel that there are some qualities within me that might hinder theprocess of my propagation, to begin with, I would like to talk about my lack of patience, whichfails me to execute my roles and responsibilities as a leader. I need to have a lot of patiencewhile dealing with not only my subordinates' but also with myself as well. I must know how tomaintain my calm while dealing the tough situations. As I am holding a high position in acompany, it is my prior response to organize myself first. I must know how to patiently deal with

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