Assignment Decision Making Process

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Assignment:In the first four weeks of this class students explored the idea of how people make decisions andhow the application of a decision making process can increase the likelihood of a better set ofdecision outcomes. Students will be assigned a case study that they will read and apply adecision making process to make a decision. The purpose of this assignment is for students todemonstrate they understand that decision making is a process that can be used to makedecisions with better outcomes for the business.In your paper, respond to the following elements of decision making:Explain each step of the process using the class reading material applying to the factpattern.The decision maker is Alex and should be done through Alex’s perspective;Create a decision matrix;Discuss consequences, bias; stakeholders, risk, uncertainty and linked decisions;Discuss the implications of Alex using critical thinking skills in the decision makingprocess and how critical thinking can help Alex make future decisions.Create a Word document that is double-spaced, 12-point font.The final product will be between3-4 pages in length excluding the title page and reference page.Case Study #1 : Alex and Dave (Due in Week 4)Alex is the general manager of Allied Software Corporation’s Tysons Corner, Virginia divisionoffice.His company develops large software systems for the defense department.Alex hasfour program managers reporting to him, each with a program worth between $3 and $6 million.Dave was one of those program managers.Recently hired, Dave wanted this job to work outwell.Dave’s team was made up of 15 system analysts and programmers working on a one-yearprogram worth about $4 million.The program had a short turnaround time for a program of thismagnitude and Dave felt that the deadlines were almost impossible to meet.In fact, he wasfacing a critical deadline on Monday and it was Friday.They were already a week late.Moreover, some of the department computers were down for service and a few of his peopledidn’t seem familiar enough with the programming skills needed to create this part of thesoftware.Still, he needed this job to work for him so complaining to Alex was out of thequestion.Dave knew that some of his subordinates were very disgruntled about beingoverlooked for the job Dave now held and they may take the opportunity to criticize him.Nineof the 15 department members were old timers at the job while the remaining programmers werethere only two years.The department was noted for being good and while tensions ran higheveryone seemed to work well together in a crunch.Dave knew he could count on his team tomeet deadlines, but did not know why they always had to be in crunch mode to get the group towork together.He guessed this coming weekend would be one more crunch.Dave was fairlysure that Alex was not aware of the department dynamics and he wanted to keep it that way leastAlex think that he could not handle the job.He and the department would just make thedeadline work by putting in some long weekend hours.
Alex arrived at work one Monday morning at 8:00 a.m.By 8:01 a.m., every member of thefinance department was lined up outside his office complaining that someone had stolen all thecomputers right off their desks.Robbery foremost in his mind, Alex searched the departments and by 8:15 a.m. he knew theanswer.No robbery had occurred. The computers were not taken from the building but just hadbeen moved.All of the computers from the finance department had been found on the desks ofDave’s engineering team.Alex instructed the financial staff to leave the computers on theengineer’s desks for now, until he could figure out exactly what happened.The financial staffwas understandably ready to tar and feather Dave, but Alex was able to keep everybody calmuntil Dave came to work.The first of his team to arrive, Dave came in at 8:30.Immediately upon his arrival Alex asked tosee Dave in his office, alone.“What the heck happened, Dave?” Alex did not yell it out, but heemphasized the word “What”.Dave calmly explained that his team had promised the customer that specific work that wasoverdue would be in the customer’s hands by Monday morning.The team decided the only wayto get it done was to work through the weekend.By Saturday afternoon they realized they werenot going to get it done unless they had more computing power. So they took the computers offthe desks of the finance department. They worked through Sunday and late into Sunday nightand delivered the product to the customer very late Sunday night for its promised time, Mondaymorning.When they left late Sunday evening they were just too tired to put the computers backon the desks of the financial staff.They just thought they would do it in the morning. Daveassumed that the others would be there at the usual time of 7:45 to return the computers.He didnot think it necessary to leave a note.Still a little upset but thoughtful, Alex asked, “Why did you need more computing power?”“Wejust did not have enough machines up for everyone to use.The service guy was not due untilTuesday.” Dave replied. “Why didn’t you have the work done before this?” Alex asked. Notlooking him in the eye, Dave said, “We hit a few snags on the programming end of things andwe just couldn’t get past them. It cost us a week’s time, so being late already we all decided thatwe would work over the weekend to get the material in on Monday.” “While I appreciate yourteam meeting the deadline, which was the most important task, Dave, not letting the financedepartment know that the machines could be found in your offices or leaving a note was not agood decision. They lost a lot of time without computing power today.”You need to address Joeand his department and explain the debacle.“My bigger concern here” Alex continued, “is that your department seems to need a crisis to getthe work done. This isn’t good. Do you have any ideas?” Anxious to deflect Alex Dave said, “Ithink you and I should work closer to set more realistic deadlines with the customer.Also abetter service policy would help.”Alex nodded his head, but was not convinced.Alex askedDave if he thought more computers or different software would help.Dave replied, "It couldn'thurt."Thinking he dodged a bullet.Dave left Alex’s office and went straight to the financedepartment to mend fences. He felt better when he left there and went back to his department.
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