Assignment on Love Sex and Death

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ASSIGNMENT 32The term euthanasia refers to such practices in which a person’s life is deliberately concluded/ended in order to ease up their pain and the suffering which such individual is going through(Kohl, 1974). Euthanasia is deemed as legal in some nations, partially legal in another group ofnations, but remains mostly unlawful in the majority of nations. This discussion would not touchupon the legality of euthanasia and instead would focus on euthanasia being a moral act. Therehas been constant debate where one side states that euthanasia is immoral and other side statingthat it is moral (Gott and Linden, 1993). Through different viewpoints, this discussion wouldhighlight that euthanasia is permissible morally.The moral case surrounding euthanasia being allowed is underpinned on acknowledging that aperson is suffering and the need to respect the wishes of such a person. When a person has suchillness as a result of which the person suffers considerable pain and the existence of such personis not in their best interest, the needs of such a person and their wishes have to be properlyhonoured. In such a situation, there is a need to adopt a rational course of action and allow theperson to end their life, to bring an end to the constant suffering and pain (Cholbi and Varelius,2015). Apart from this, a person who is under so much pain does not have any obligationstowards another person and if the person is allowed to die, it would not result in undue stress tothe individuals close to such person. Moreover, the friends and families of such patient would beable to breathe a sigh of relief as they would not have to see their loved one suffering constantly.So, not only would euthanasia allow the pain of the patient to be reduced but would also help thesame happening for the relatives of the patient (Rachels, 1986).Every person has the right of living their life in the manner they deem fit. So, a person can berational in analysing if they want to end their life or not. If a person is in such a bad position thatthey have to constantly rely on another party to sustain themselves and the same is true even for
ASSIGNMENT 33ending their life. In such an apathetic situation, it would be moral to assist the person in endingtheir life (Yorke, 2016). And such assistance would be competent, rational and a kind andcompassionate thing. A person who deals with stress can end their life, and so is the case indifferent conditions. But where the person is so miserable that they cannot even end their life,they have to be assisted in ending their life, particularly when the chances of such person gettingbetter are none. When the medical treatment cannot make a person better, it should at the veryleast assist the person in ending their miseries through assisted death (Nathan, 2015).Even though there are so many points which favour euthanasia on moral bases, there are somemoral questions which have been raised against euthanasia, which have to be properly assessed.The first issue is that suicide cannot be deemed rational action. This objection is stemmed fromthe arguments made by Nagel regarding death being evil as the same deprives a person of theirlife. His arguments stem from the notion that even when the bad elements of life outweigh thegood elements off life, life has greater value which is beyond this comparison and the veryexperience of life is valuable. Hence, euthanasia, on the basis of arguments of Nagel woulddeprive a person of something positive in their life. The positive experience of life is deprivedthrough suicide. Hence, suicide is not a rational decision (Bradley, 2009). Though, a life ofconstant suffering cannot be deemed as a positive life only on the basis of experience of life. Forinstance, when a person is being tortured to death, it is very unlikely that the person would bebenefited from continuing his life. Death here would actually be relief. If a person acts in arational manner to make the choice that he no longer wants to live, the same cannot be deemedas irrational. Agreed that at certain instances suicide takes place due to misplaced anxiety ormistaken beliefs but this does not mean that every suicide is an irrational desire of dying, as thesame could be due to the intolerable plain caused to the person. There is also the question of
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