Assignment on Clinical Audit

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Executive SummaryClinical audit refers to the examining of the healthcare to determine whether the healthcare services provided are in line with the laid standards. The major component of the audit is to review the performance to ensure what should be done is done accordingly. In this case, the major focus of the audit is to evaluate the services given to check if they are up to the expected standards and at the same time identifying the areas that need improvement. The audit focuses at improving the quality of healthcare services in order to enhance patient outcome because. In this case, through the audit, errors and mistakes in the nature of healthcare services can be detected and appropriate steps taken to enhance patient and clinician safety. Therefore, the decisive aim ofclinical audit is to enhance clinical practice, thus improving the patient outcome.
ContentsExecutive Summary ii1.0Introduction2.0The importance of clinical Audit2.1Improved Professional Development2.2Improved Professional Development2.3Organizational improvement3.0Areas of Risk that can be audited3.1waste management3.2Environmental cleaning3.3Hand Hygiene4.0Critical Analysis4.1 policy4.2 Gloves4.2.1Sterile and Non- sterile gloves4.2.2Rubber latex4.2.3use of gloves
4.3Aprons4.4Protective bibs/covers4.5Face and Eye protection4.6Respiratory Equipments5.0Summary and Conclusion6.0 References

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