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Running head: MARKETINGMARKETINGName of the student:Name of the University:Author Note:
MARKETING 1ContentsActivity 1:2Activity 2:4References:6
MARKETING 2Activity 1: The Smith Family has been found to come up with a new marketing strategy in order towiden its community among the Australian children in order to give them better education andlife support to the disadvantaged children. The organisation also focuses on digital marketing butthe main intension always remains to get the best return of their investment. It has been evidentthat the Smith Family has been engaged in the digital marketing platform where their marketingactivities are also spread throughout the social media networks like Facebook and Twitter( 2017). The main idea behind this particular activity is to attract as manyconsumers as possible and to get as much amount of donation or contribution from the targetgroup of people. This is the unique way of getting return of the investment made by theorganisation. This way the organisation is able to get many consumers who could directlycontribute towards the charity and in turn the organisation will be benefited. The donors can beeasily targeted with the help of the social media ( 2017). In fact, thereremained the scope of increasing the community for the organisation that would eventually leadto the situation when the organisation will be automatically benefitted from the overall marketingactivities. This is indeed a unique marketing and advertising strategy that they are seeking that iscreating a positive result in the overall activities over the organisation. The success of theorganisation is known to all and its marketing strategy can be given the credit for it. As evident, Billabong offers huge information to the visitors of the website related to thetype of activities that the company is engaged with. However, the company has not been found toget engaged with the promotion of the products that the company sells. This can be regarded as anegative aspect of the marketing process as carried on by the organisation (Chaffey et al. 2013).However, it has to be understood that one of the important criterion of the digital or the website

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