Assignment: Primary and Secondary Data on Properties

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Section 1This assignment looks at primary and secondary data on properties, in terms of their weeklyrent, dwelling type( flat/house), no of bedrooms, and bond amount paid . It covers 4 differentsuburbs. It reports on a variety of questions relating to these parameters.In dataset 1, we use primary data on the basis of interview of 5 students on their weekly rent.This sample can be biased as it uses respondents from my university campus only, so that itsapplicability across Australia is questionable. The sample size is also low as we use only 5respondents. It will be inappropriate to use this small dataset to make any conclusions aboutthe whole University.Dataset 2 is larger as it has 500 observations. It is secondary data on weekly rent paid, dwellingtype (flat/house), no of bedrooms, and bond amount paid . It covers 4 different suburbs, andprovides their post codes as well. The first 5 cases of your dataset are shown below.BondAmountWeeklyRentDwellingTypeNumberBedroomsPostcodeSuburb$2,900$725Flat32031RANDWICK$2,480$620Flat12031RANDWICK$1,960$490Flat22150PARRAMATTA$2,200$550Flat22031RANDWICK$2,280$570Flat22031RANDWICKSection 2THE following table gives a numerical summary of the data. Median > mean which impliesnegative skewed distribution. The data is left skewed.The spread of data is high at a variance of1032.5. As we can see students 5 has highest rent of $165, while student 2 has lowest rent of$90.DATASET 1Mean128Standard Error14.3701079Median135Mode#N/AStandard Deviation32.132538Sample Variance1032.5Kurtosis-2.35933845
Skewness-0.19064501Range75Minimum90Maximum165Sum640Count5Section 3:a.Using the data relating to Dwelling Type, we show that there is predominance of flats- 462/500stay in flats. The majority students stay in Parramatta. (163/500). In Sydney no student fromour sample set stays in houses.SUBURBFlatHouseGrandTotalAUBURN381957PARRAMATTA15112163RANDWICK1177124SYDNEY156156Grand Total46238500.The bar chart shows the same information in a graphical form. The predominance of flats (inblue) is clear, as is the preference for Parramatta and Sydney.The proportion of House as a dwelling type is 38/500 = sample proportion= p
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