SQL Queries for Product, Customer, and Order Tables


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ASSIGNMENT QUESTION / SOALAN TUGASAN1.Create a Database CBDB4103, or any suitable name.2.Create Product, Customer and Order tables. Product Tablecreate table Product(ProductId int,ProductName varchar2(30),Price decimal(10,2),Category varchar2(30));
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Customer Tablecreate table Customer(CustomerId int,CustomerName varchar2(30),CustomerAddress varchar2(30),CustomerContact number(15));Orders Tablecreate table Orders(OrderId int,Date1 varchar2(30),Total_Amount decimal(10,2),ProductId int,CustomerId int);
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3.Insert the above given data into the created tables. Product Tableinsert into Product values(1,'Router',945.00,'Network');insert into Product values(2,'Laptop',3400.00,'Hardware');insert into Product values(3,'Microsoft Software',450.00,'Software');insert into Product values(4,'Switch',567.00,'Network');
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Customer Tableinsert into Customer values(101,'Halinda','Shah Alam',0192345333);insert into Customer values(102,'Rafeq','Subang Jaya',0198089888);insert into Customer values(103,'Jason','Kepong',0186789543);insert into Customer values(104,'Lee Kim Siew','Shah Alam',0145567865);insert into Customer values(105,'Joshua','Shah Alam',0132244567);insert into Customer values(106,'Zarina','Subang Jaya',0145567783);insert into Customer values(107,'Amin','Kepong',0186675433);
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