Relational Database Using SQL Commands | Assignment

Added on - Sep 2019

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ASSIGNMENT QUESTION/ SOALAN TUGASANPURPOSEThe purpose of this assignment is tostrengthen learner’s understanding onthe relational databaseusing SQL commands.REQUIREMENT / ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONThe questions will be based on the relational database tables as given below.PRODUCTProductIDProductNamePriceCategory1Router945.00Network2Laptop3400.00Hardware3Microsoft Software450.00Software4Switch567.00NetworkCUSTOMERCustomerIDCustomer_NameCustomer_AddressCustomer_Contact101HalindaShah Alam0192345333102RafeqSubang Jaya0198089888103JasonKepong0186789543104Lee Kim SiewShah Alam0145567865105JoshuaShah Alam0132244567106ZarinaSubang Jaya0145567783107AminKepong0186675433ORDEROrderIDDateTotal_AmountProductIDCustomerID112 Jan 20171000.001101214 Jan 20173400.002102315 Jan 20176400.002102420 Jan 2017567.003104522 Jan 2017567.004105Based on the tables, you are required to execute SQL queries for the given questions:1.Create a Database CBDB4103, or any suitable name.2.Create Product, Customer and Order tables.3.Insert the above given data into the created tables.4.List all the records in Customer Table.
5.List product name, price and category from Product.6.List customer name and contact number who is from Shah Alam.7.List product name and product price that was ordered from 12 Jan 2017 to 20 Jan 2017.8.Update the customer address from ‘Kepong’ to ‘Serdang’ for the CustomerID which endswith number 3.9.List customer name, customer address, and total amount for customer from Shah Alamand purchased product from category ‘Network’ and ‘Hardware’.Note:1.You are required to use Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX) at If you do not have an account with OracleApplication Express, do register yourself first to get a free workspace.2.For every SQL query created for the above questions, capture the screen and paste it in aMS-Word, as a proof that you are using Oracle APEX.(50)
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