Role Play Auditing and Assurance ACCT3006 Spring 2022


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Role Play Auditing and
Assurance ACCT3006
Spring 2022
Role Play Auditing and Assurance ACCT3006 Spring 2022_1

Auditor- Hello Sir, how are you?
Client- Hello, welcome to the China. I am fine. How are you?
Auditor- Thank you so much sir! I am good.
Client- That’s great!
Auditor- Let me introduce myself. Myself George, I am an auditor of Green Brothers Ltd and I
provide audit in relation of the business concerns within observing and performing the required
Client- Myself Jacob and I am the chief financial officer of the steel manufacturing company in
China. Tell me why should I go for your service? I personally believe that audit is the waste of
time. I can only provide the assurance of justifying the internal audit for the improvement cycle
rather than the inspection. It seriously bothers me when auditor does not allow me about the
questions or issues that requires the solution. It feels like an inspection which bothers me.
Auditor- I am so sorry sir for the experience you have gained while being in an audit. I cannot
change the experience however; I can change your perception sir. In accordance with the
auditing standards used in Australia it has been stated that, client is free to ask the question and
doubts. You are free to put your query in front of me sir. I will solve that and I will clear your
doubts as well. Please provide me chance and let me start this meeting.
Client- Well, please continue.
Auditor- My company has taken the decision for expanding overseas across the Asia-pacific. We
would like to tie up with your sir and for that I would like to have discussion with you on
specific areas.
Client- Okay! Go on with the discussion.
Auditor- Has your key vendor relationship has been changed?
Client- No, my organization believes that, it is important to tie up with the key vendors and
therefore, we have preferred the same vendors.
Auditor- So good to hear this sir! Could you please help me with the financial information within
telling me how strong is the company’s cash flow?
Client- Sorry! I cannot share such personal information with you.
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