Managing Restaurant Service


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Managing restaurant service
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Interview transcript
Interviewee- Front house executive of Bennelong, a restraint in Sydney Opera
Interviewer: Hello sir.
Interviewee: Hello.
Interviewer: A very warm welcome to you, sir.
Interviewee: Thank you very much.
Interviewer: Let me brief you about the topic of discussion.
Interviewee: Yes, please go ahead.
Interviewer: Today, we would discuss on the new trends, which you have adopted for
achieving customer satisfaction.
Interviewee: It’s indeed a productive topic.
Interviewer: Why do you think so?
Interviewee: You see, generating new trends is a medium for aligning the business according
to the specific needs, demands and requirements of the clients and the customers.
Interviewer: You are absolutely right, sir.
Interviewee: Thank you.
Interviewer: So let’s start the discussion.

Interviewee: Yes, sure.
Interviewer: First, tell me for how long are you working in this company?
Interviewee: Well, it has been more than 3 years that I am serving Bennelong as the Front
House Executive.
Interviewer: Oh I see! So, you must have experienced a lot of changes in the way, the
business is conducted?
Interviewee: Yes, there have been many changes.
Interviewer: Kindly can you cite some of the new trends, which you have developed
Interviewee: First, let me tell you the success factors of Bennelong.
Interviewer: Yes, sure. Please go ahead.
Interviewee: It gives me immense pleasure to tell you that we have achieved accolades and
glory by serving quality products to the customers.
Interviewer: So, what is your unique selling proposition?
Interviewee: You would be surprised to know that we serve diversified food options to the
customers. And this is not all. In order to provide them with quality entertainment, we
organize cultural shows in the evening.
Interviewer: So, it is like the concept of bar singer?
Interviewee: Ah....well..... Kind of.
Interviewer: I see. Please continue your success story. It’s getting interesting.

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