Augmented Essay The Jury System

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Augmented essay on the jury system
IntroductionIn this present paper, I will discuss the augmented essay on the jury system which provides thegreater chance of a fair result in court. The main argument is that the jury system not has thegreat chance of a fair result in court. The jury system consists of twelve members who aresummoned for criminal trials in the crown court, and the offence is indictable that has been sentto the crown court after the examination which has been done by magistrates. The minimummember is nine in which the majority of allowed includes 11-1, 9-1, 10-2 and 10-1 in the crowncourt. In the high court, the majority allows include 11-1, 10-2, 10-1 ad 9-1. In the country court,the eight members are required, and minimum members are seven in which the majority allows7-1. In coroner's court, the total members require seven and maximum eleven (Cockburn et al.,2014).Counter argumentThe main argument is that the jury system not provides fair results in courts because the jurymembers can make a decision in favour of the criminal by taking a commission. On acquittalthere may be no retrial and believe of a jury is instant results in wrongful acquittals. The mainreason for supporting the argument is due to no enquiry into the deliberation of the jury afterverdict even the racial is alleged by the jurors. The bias can be done by the jury, but there is noinvestigation due to which the chances of fair results are very low. The insufficient intellect bythe jurors and it cannot follow the complicated tax and fraud issues (Allen-Bell et al., 2015). Thejury system is inconsistent throughout the country due to which the unfair results can be done bythe jurors according to every country. The role of jury members is symbolic due to public
involvement due to which the chances of fair results are very low. The members of the jury canhave the convictions string which is not serious for disqualifying and disqualifies jurors can beenter by finding some way which may arise the issues of unfair results. The financial loss andinconvenience can be made to the jurors. The process of the jury system is very slow due towhich the innocent can suffer a lost in the time of proceedings. The lack of research by the jurorsin the case defies assessment which may results into unfair results by the jury system.The vetting of a jury is the principle of random selection due to which the selection of jurymembers can be made on the basis of bias which reduces the chances of fair results in thecriminal cases. The expenses of jury trial are very expenses and if the justified results have notbeen made by the jury members than the expenses go in vain. The system can be manipulated bythe defendants due to whom the chances of fair results are very low. The innocents can bepunishing if the jury made a decision on the basis of bias. The verdict series of the miscarriage ofjustice can be wrongly returned by the juries which undermine the confidence (Fukurai et al.,2014). The quick verdict may be tempted by the jurors in order to finish the case as soon aspossible. The law of jury secrecy can allow the innocent to become convict rather than makingthe investigation of case in-depth which allows rescuing the innocent from conviction. The jurorscan be affected by the horrific cases which may result in unfair results. The assessment ofhorrifying evidence may impact on the life of jurors. In the justice system of criminals, theexistence of juries may distract the jurors from actual problems which show that the functioningof CJ system is more effective than the jury system. The jury trial is not provided in someserious cases such as the case of drink and drive which may results into the unfair results (Yu etal., 2014). The burden of proofs may not be understood by the juries due to which unfair resultscan be made by the jurors.
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