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Habibullah Tohin Aman (1110556) AV Corp Promotional materials TASK 6Preventing methodsTLS: Sainsbury’s can use TLS to protect their communication, TSL stand for “Transport LayerSecurity” that is a protocol designed to give privacy to the application that the companyuses for their communication by using a cryptographic encryption. Only the people thathave the key can decode the information that is communicated between the company (thatin this case is Sainsbury’s) and others (that can be customers or other companies). Thecombination between the HTTPS with the TSL allow Sainsbury’s to provide protection anddata reliability in the information that are sent by them. Data transmitted by Sainsbury’s byusing TSL can make difficult to the hacker or in some case impossible to have access onthem.HTTPS: That stand for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, it is a protocol that rules andgovern through the transmission of data. HTTPS is secure version of the HTTP and it usesencryption for the purpose to give protection for the data that the website input in it.Sainsbury’s can use HTTPS when the customer uses to input his personal data to the websiteand the protocol can give an extra-security to the customer from being attacked from theman in the middle for the reason that the page requests are encrypted. To decrypt an HTTPSit is necessarily need a vast amount of time and power from a lot of computers.Strong Password: A strong password can bemade by using a minimum of 8 characters whichinclude a mixture of capital letters, number andsymbols and that make useful the password todon’t give to strange people (Hackers and IDTheft) instant access to the account that they aretrying to enter. Sainsbury’s can use strongpassword as a rule for the customer who arecreating a new account and with employees aswell to prevent that their accounts being attackedfrom ID theft or hacker.Alternative Authentication Methods: As the strongpassword that I mentioned above there are other ways toprotect account from hacker and ID Theft such asbiometrics that includes fingerprint an retinal scan or byusing question to access to the account which only theaccount owner know such as “ Who was your firstteacher?”. Sainsbury’s can include this prevention methodsto their customer and employees account to give them anextra-security and that can increment the website reliabilityand benefit the company.

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