Avoiding Confusions with Calculator


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avoid possible confusions on how the output of this project should look like,here is the output for the "Calculator" example - the one from the specs:Enter <gui>Lexeme (constant): WindowLexeme (string): CalculatorLexeme (constant): (Lexeme (number): 200Lexeme (constant): ,Lexeme (number): 200Lexeme (constant): )Enter <layout>Lexeme (constant): LayoutEnter <layout_type>Lexeme (constant): FlowLexeme (constant): (Lexeme (constant): )Exit <layout_type>Lexeme (constant): :Exit <layout>Enter <widgets>Enter <widget>Lexeme (constant): TextfieldLexeme (number): 20Lexeme (constant): ;Exit <widget>Enter <widgets>Enter <widget>Lexeme (constant): PanelEnter <layout>Lexeme (constant): LayoutEnter <layout_type>Lexeme (constant): GridLexeme (constant): (Lexeme (number): 4Lexeme (constant): ,Lexeme (number): 3Lexeme (constant): ,Lexeme (number): 5Lexeme (constant): ,Lexeme (number): 5Lexeme (constant): )Exit <layout_type>Lexeme (constant): :Exit <layout>
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