Uncle Thaddeus' Election Vote Counter


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COM 150 – Introduction to Computer ProgrammingPROJECT #5DUE: Wednesday, November 30, 2016Program name will be PROJ5___ where the underscore represents your initials.Uncle Thaddeus, (who has lots of money and too much time) has decided to run for Mayor. His two opponents are very famous personalities (you decide). Based on the disaster with counting votes from the 2000 Presidential race, Uncle Thaddeus has asked you to create a Visual Basic program to fairly and properly count the votes.Vote for One Candidate:A.Candidate AB.Candidate BC.Uncle ThaddeusD.Exit and Show TotalsUse a Button with Text VOTE that when clicked will have an InputBox appear to enter your vote.Display a MessageBox if an input is not “A,” “B,” “C,” or “D.”After exiting the loop, output the totals for each candidate and determine who won. Assume there are no ties in this election. Display a picture of the winner!**For full credit:1.Be creative.a.Follow guidelines from section 3.9 of your textbook.2.Include an EXIT button.3.Use commentsa.Your nameb.Description of the programc.Input, output, and process4.Copy and paste your code into a MS Word document and submit via Canvas.5.In addition to submitting your code to Canvas, print out and submit a hard copy of your code.6.You do not need to hand in an algorithm.
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