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Running Head: B2C Literature Review enhancement1B2C Literature Review enhancement
Running Head: B2C Literature Review enhancement2IntroductionGlobalization and digital transformation acted as the cornerstone in reshaping theautomotive industry. Due to this, the automotive aftermarket as well as secondary and primarymarket attained a serious alteration in its paradigm. Digitalization assisted in the change fromconventional legacy procedure to click and breaks. This helped the organizations operating underthe umbrella sector automobile to retain its competitiveness despite of extreme distress. In lieu tothe above statement, author)signified that utilization of e-commerce technologies would notonly simplify the way to reach potential suppliers but also target customers in the entire globe.As a result, the demand and total sales of the concern would get increased significantly therebydiminishing the operating costs in the coming era as compared to many others. Therefore, it maybe mentioned that e-commerce would be considered as one of the most efficient technique forthe sector of automotive to remain active among others. Contrary to this, author)depicted thatproper identification and analysis of the features of the competing brands and the target clientsneed to be investigated. Only then, the management of the automotive company would becomefeasible in retaining its popularity and demand. The attraction of the clients would also beretained despite of other rivals.This report mainly tries to highlight the effect of B2C e-commerce over selling of new cars. Todo so, Saudi Arabian market is taken into consideration.DiscussionEffect of B2C e–commerce on new car sales 213The automotive market of Saudi Arabia is extremely competitive. However, it attained a seroussetback in 2016 due to the fall in the prices of the crude oil. Therefore, at that time, the power ofexistence or survival of the players became quite risky. Thus, to cope up from such situation,most of the automotive players decided to implement advanced techniques like e-commerce.Author)proposed that e-commerce is considered as the medium that helps in developing a strongbonding with the suppliers, partners and customers. As a result, the selling power of the productsof the car companies in Saudi Arabia would get enhanced considerably. In regard to this, theprofitability and brand image of the car organizations would also get augmented. However, itmay be possible only by developing a highly informative website including varied features and
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