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Background of the tasks: A)The platform which these 2 tasks are referring is emarsys:https://www.emarsys.com/en/B)Emarsys Platform help and Supporting information:https://help.emarsys.com/hc/en-us/categories/201711705Test 1 Background:Emarsys Custom Integration (CI) team provides custom development service on top of Emarsys MarketingCloud platform. Some of the development services include custom ETL of customer’s data file into Emarsysaccepted format, data export from Emarsys to client, web forms, etc.As the technical role, you need to ensure the smooth delivery of the custom solution by co-ordinatingbetweentheclient,internalEmarsysprojectteamandtheCIdevelopertoensurethedevelopment isperformed according to the scope and within specifictimeline.Information:You are provided with the following information about the client:1.Client is an e-commerce company. Client has purchased Email channel and Emarsys Smart Insightmodule and is eager to kick-start implementation of Emarsys platform. They would like to be able to useEmarsys platform as soon aspossible.2.As part of the on-boarding into Emarsys, Client is required to provide the following data feed to Emarsysplatform.Customer Data Sample Fields: CustomerlD, Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Date-of- Birth, Subscription Date, subscribed (yes/no)Sales Data Sample Fields: CustomerlD, Order_ID, Item_ID, Date, Quantity, Total Amount3.Client has opted to pass the Customer and Sales data to Emarsys via files daily. However, they haveindicated that their internal system could only export in XML / TXT format, rather than in CSV formatwhich Emarsysrequires.4.ClienthasnodevelopmentresourcesattheirendtodevelopanythingandhasaskedifEmarsys canaccept either in XML / TXTformat.5.In addition, Client has also indicated that they would like to receive performance data for the emailcampaigns sent via Emarsys for analytics purpose. This may include event data such as emaiI_sent,emaiI_open, emaiI_cIick, and emaiI_unsu bscription. They would like the data to be exported to their AWSs3 bucketregularly.Basedontheinformationprovided,youdecidedthatitmayrequireadditionalcustomdevelopment in orderto help customer on-board into Emarsysplatform.Task1:

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