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Running head: TRANSCRIPTName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note
1TRANSCRIPTSlide One AIM OF THE RESEARCHThe research aims to find out the skills of the human resource manager. The discipline ofhuman resource management has links with the strategic management of theorganization(Svetlik, Ivan and Eleni 2007)The challenge of human resources professionals is tomanage dual roles of handling organizational strategies as well as building employee relations(Gallardo-Gallardo, Eva and Marian 2016). The human resource management has differentskills which can be obtained by studying the relationship between organizational strategies andthe high performance human resource practices of an organization The Human resourcemanagement should connect organizational strategies and the departments of the organization(Jiang et al 2012). The research also studies how the role of human resource professionals hasevolved over time as welfare managers to modern caregivers. The human resource department ofan organization plays a dual role by linking the employees of an organization with the long termmission and goals .The impact of social characteristics and networking skills of human resourceprofessionals are studied in the research (Harness 2009).Slide TwoTHE RESEARCH QUESTIONSWhat is the effect of high Performance HR practices on behavior of employees? What isthe dual role of HR professionals? How can HR professionals serve interests of internaland external stakeholders? What are the social resources and network benefits of HRprofessionals ( Ileana , Alina and Rob 2008)?
2TRANSCRIPTSlide ThreeSAMPLE DESIGN Probabilistic sampling method is used by the author. A population which is composed of 304egos (respondents), 1744 alters(contacts) were cited. A pilot version of survey was taken by 10 HR professionals in hardcopiesand second pilot survey comprised of 20 HR professionals online. 1520 HR professionals wereused for the survey and a 20 % response rate was achieved.The point of view of an individual is considered and samples comprises of individuals anddescribes the social network that surrounds an individual, an egocentric network is chosen. Thisnetwork is composed of a focal actor which is called the ego and there exists a set of alters whichare related to the egoSlide Four The Research MethodologyThe researcher gains primary data by conducting the various surveys and the interviews.The information that is already available in internet or any other sources online sources aresecondary data. In this article, Name generator questions like contacts in other functions, contacts athigher levels, contacts in other organizations, career sponsorship and access to support andinformation resources are used to identify alters(Jackson et al 2011).

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