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1ESSAYProfessional Code of ethics in ICT for IT professionals helps to fill the gaps in the rulesand regulations and help them to conduct business in an ethical manner (Brady 2014). Thesecodes act as guiding principles for the IT professionals. These ethics are widened and that aremore than human beings, their intentions, actions and characters. It includes rights, virtue,relativist, objectivist, consequentialist and Deontology. These professional codes of ethicsexplain the ethical considerations that are required for IT professionals to work ethically. Theyare important for the ICT industry and therefore, the following essay deals with the explanationof the theories and their relation to the professional code of ethics and practice in ICT industry. “Rights” in the ethical theory states that the rights established by the society must beprotected on highest priority. These rights are considered to be ethically valid and correct as theyare being endorsed by a large section of population. A major complication of this theory onlarger scale is the members of the society who are designing this ethical theory of rights must tryto decipher the characteristics of rights in the society. The characteristics of the rights can onlybe framed based on the society goals and their ethical priorities (Ruggie 2013)The ethical theory of “Virtue” judge a person on the basis of his or her character and not bythe action that may at times deviate from the his or her normal behaviour. Thus the ethical theoryof virtue or the Virtue theory is a particular approach of ethics that gives immense importance onan individual’s character. It considers the individual’s character as one of the key element inthinking rather than rules about the acts of themselves (Deontology) or their consequences(Consequentialism). There are three main domains of the Virtue Ethics1.Eudaimonism: It is the classical formulation of Virtue Ethics. Eudaimonism deals withhappiness, well-being and good life and the virtue of good life is practice of goodness and
2ESSAYwell being for achieving practical wisdom and this will resolve the associated dilemmasand other conflicts. 2.Ethics of Care: It emphasises the importance of solidarity, community and relationshipsrather than focusing of the universal standards and impartiality. 3.Agent Based Theories: It is based on the virtue of the common sense intuitions (Russell2013). As per the ethics of rights, one person may allow his or her friend to borrow the laptop for acertain span of time and the friends who has imparted the ability of borrowing the laptop has theright over the laptop up to the afternoon only. On the other hand, the ethics of virtue preach thatif a person has written a plagiarised algorithm and were later detect by a peer, the peer whoknows the person inside out will judge this act of copy right issue accordingly. If the plagiarisernormally abide by the copyright rule and has a good reputation among friends then the peer willbe able to judge the plagiariser more leniently. Perhaps the software developer found guilty inthis case has to work late at night and has mistakenly overlooked to credit the sourceappropriately (Donnelly 2013). In Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry the ethics of rights states thatthe one must observe a highest degree of transparency and professionalism while dealing withthe client. The company gas given the authority to client to avail the service of the company andnow the said employees of the ICT industry is bound to abide by the right of privilege given bythe company to the client. The employees must respect the individual differences and diversitywhile maintaining the confidentiality of the client. In the domain of ethics of virtue, the ICT

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