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Running head: Blog writingBLOG WRITING
Running head: Blog writingWHAT IS NETWORKING CONNECTIVITY AND HOW IT WORKS?June 20 2019Networking connectivityis being described as the process of connecting the varied partsof networks to one another. A computer network possesses the collections of printers, computersand different others type of equipment that are connected together in such a manner so thatcommunication can be held between them. At present, millions of people share information aswell as data with each other via using some kind of networks. However, after seeing the givenactivity one most important question that tends to arises in the mind of an individual is that howthe whole process of sharing information with the help of computer networks happen. On theother hand, the given thing will also put another question in a person’s mind that is how amachine can decide that specific message belongs to the particular computer. In this blog, detaildescription is being given in relation to the respective aspect.BASICS OF NETWORKINGPrior to improving the understanding of theNetworking connectivityprocess, it is vitalto improving the knowledge of the networks that are in computer networks. The discussion of thesame is given below:Peer to Peer networksThe given form of network is used when there are not more than computers are beingused in the network. On the other hand, in the respective type of network strict security is notvery much essential. The term peer is being used in this because all the computers that are beingused in this have a similar type of status. In addition to this, they also use equal footing with an1
Running head: Blog writingaim to communicate with each other. In this network, different types of files such as spreadsheetand word processing are shared. On the other hand, different computers on the network tend toshare devices such as printers and scanners, etc. They all are connected to any one computer inthe network.Client/server networkIt is being regarded as another type of network. In today’s scenario, the given form ofnetwork is more popular than the previous one. It can also be said that this network is used forthe large network. Here, the server plays the role of storage. In this context, it stores differentapplications as well as files that are being shared over the network in an effectual way. Theperformance which is being given by server is higher than the performance of computers. Inaddition to this, apart from storing the files, the server also plays the role of controller in thenetwork. In accordance with the given context, it controls the network access of the differentother computers and they are referred from the name of client computers.2
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