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Running head: Blog WritingLANGUAGE BARRIERAugust 1, 2019INTRODUCTION TO THE LANGUAGE BARRIERThe language barrier is basically a figurative phase which is being used for the purposeto refer to the linguistic barrier to the communication. In other words, it can be said that thelanguage barrier occurs when a group of people tends to communicate in a different language.Here, when people do not have some common ground with an aim to express their feeling andintention to others then the respective thing is called by the name of the language barrier. The language barrier is being regarded as one of the most important aspects ofcommunication. Additionally, it is also being considered as one part of barriers tocommunication that each and every firm faces when it tends to make a decision to start itsoperation in the international market. The communication that happens between people shouldbe effective. This means that the things that are being communicated by one individual should beunderstood by another individual in the same manner. In this context, communication betweenindividuals will become ineffective when different barriers arise such as language and noise, etc. In the given article, the major discussion is being carried out in relation to the languagebarrier. In accordance with the given context, a detailed explanation will be given about thedifferent language-related barriers. In addition to this, here description will also be given aboutthe ways with the help of which assessed language-related barriers can be overcome. Thedescription of the language barrier will also be given in relation to the company. Finally, at theend of the analysis conclusion will be drawn in which the things that are being assessed in theanalysis will be summarized. DIFFERENT LANGUAGE RELATED BARRIERSWe have discussed the major meaning of the language barrier, now we will go in the in-depth details in relation to the same. Thus, now we will gather information about differentbarriers that are associated with the language in an effectual way. The details about the same aregiven below:Badly expressed message1

Running head: Blog WritingThe language barrier occurs in the situation when the messages are not expressedeffectively. Herein, it can be depicted that it is due to the obscurity of the language only, there isa greater possibility that wrong interpretation will be made in relation to any kind of message.The given barrier occurs when an individual will not make a correct selection of words. On theother hand, repetition of words and wrong formation in relation to the sequence of the sentenceare also being regarded as another main cause behind the language barrier. This is also calledby the name of linguistic chaos in an effectual way.Symbols or the words with the different meanings It is also being regarded as another type of language-related barriers. In this regard, it canbe said that the communication will become completely ineffective when the receiver of themessage completely misunderstood the message given. For instance, the term value has adifferent meaning. The term value is sometimes used to denote the price of the specific product.Similarly, it is also used to denote the importance of the specific aspect of the life of anindividual. Thus, if a person will interpret the given type of words in a different manner then inthe given situation the meaning of the whole word or the sentence will be transformed. This willleads towards the language-related barriers in an effectual manner. Faulty translationIt can be considered as the third main reason behind the occurrence of the languagebarrier. In this regard, for example, the manager has received much information from its seniorpersonnel and he will translate the received information for his employees as per his ownunderstanding. In this respect, it can be said that here information received is mold by theindividual as per the knowledge and the understanding of the receiver. Thus, if the receiver hasinterpreted the message in a wrong way then the respective thing is called by the name of thelanguage barrier. However,if it is interpreted in a correct way then the language barrier can beavoided in an effectual way. Use of technical jargonsIt is the fourth form of the language barrier. Herein, it can be said that whilecommunicating with another individual, it is very much important that simple and easy tounderstand words should be used for communication. This is because it is not necessary that allindividual will have knowledge of the technical words that are being used by people in2

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