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Computer Network Assignment

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Added on  2019-10-01

Computer Network Assignment

   Added on 2019-10-01

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Running head: Blog writing
Computer Network Assignment_1
Running head: Blog writing
August 6th, 2019
A computer network is being defined as the group of computer networks as well as
different hardware devices that are connected together with the help of some specific
communication channels in order to facilitate the communication. On the other hand, it can also
be said that a computer network is being defined as the set of computers that are linked together
with an aim to share some resources and information over the network. The computers that are
present over the network are being called by the name of nodes.
Herein, it can be said that before gaining the clarity about the network types it is very
much essential for the individual that it should have the proper idea about the computer network.
This is because lack of clarity in relation to the same will tend to lead the individual towards the
wrong direction in terms of getting understanding about computer network.
In accordance with the given context, it can be depicted that if a system is not connected
with the network then in this situation it cannot be communicated with the computer network.
Further, the internet itself is being regarded as a computer network. This is due to the reason that
it enables individuals with regard to sharing different types of information over the network in an
effectual way. In a computer network, network types have significant importance. This is
because; the speed of performing transaction over the internet totally depends on the specific
network types which are being selected by the individual. The given study will detail the main
forms of network. In addition to this, it will also give a description of other types of networks
that are not famous that much.
Before knowing more about the network types, it is very much essential for the
individual that it should have some information about the computer network. This is because, it
is by gaining information about the computer network only, an individual is better able to
understand the concepts that are associated with network types in an effectual way. In this
regard, the detail about the feature of the computer network is given below:
Computer Network Assignment_2
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Communication speed: The computer network enable an individual with respect to
communicating over the network is a fast and effective manner. Here, with the help of
the internet, a person can do video conferencing and it can also send a message via
File sharing: The computer networks aims to form the connection between two
individuals and thus it works in the same manner only. In this regard, it can be depicted
that with the help of a computer network an individual can share the files over the
It also enables software as well as hardware sharing: The individual can not only share
file over the network, but it can also share the software as well as hardware in the
network. For the given purpose, an application can be installed in the main server, thus
it is through this way the only user can access the application centrally. The given thing
will help in eliminating the individual task of installing the software on every machine.
Thus, it is through this way only hardware can also be shared.
Security: The computer network will also assure the security of the individual. This is
because; here an individual cannot access all files over the network.
Reliability: In case of any hardware failure, a computer network can also use another
form of data communication. Hence, these are some major features of the computer
There is an importance of computer network and details about the same are given below:
It allows resource sharing: Here, along with the file-sharing an individual can also
perform resource sharing in which different resources such as scanner, printers, and
copiers can be shared from one network to another in an effectual manner.
It also helps in the task of enhancing the storage capacity of the computer: An individual
tends to access different types of files as well as media such as music and image etc.
These things can be stored by an individual in some other machines or the storage
system. Thus, it is very right to say that computer network helps in the task of raising the
storage capacity for the individual.
Computer Network Assignment_3
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Improving communication: The individual who is living in some other country can easily
communicate with the people of some other nation. Thus, it helps in reducing the
communication gap between two people and it is through this way only it connects the
whole world into one single platform.
Now, it’s time to have a discussion about the network types. However, before explaining
the same it can be depicted that LANs, WANs, and MANs are the mediums that connect
computers over the network. In this section, we will not only discuss the meaning of these given
network types, but we will also explore the advantages as well as limitations that are related to
the given network types in an effectual way. These are all detailed below:
Computer Network Assignment_4

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