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BN106 Networking Fundamentals Each Virtual Private Network

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Added on  2020-02-19

BN106 Networking Fundamentals Each Virtual Private Network

   Added on 2020-02-19

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BN106Networking FundamentalsNetwork models, media, and connections
BN106 Networking Fundamentals Each Virtual Private Network_1
Local Area Network DesignThe company will be well suited by a Transmission Control Network/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Network. The design will require the use of two hubs and five switches as per the network diagram below. There will be two Virtual Private Network enabled routers, one on the first floor and the other one on the second floor. Each Virtual Private Network (VPN) enabled router will be connected to a modem which allows them to access the internet and connect to the other router. The router will also be connected to a 24-port switch which will bring the 24-port hubs into a central connection with the router. The hubs and switches will be connected to the work stations.The workstations on the Second floor will use one router since the area covered is smaller and can be reached by Ethernet cables specified[ CITATION Pri10 \l 1033 ]. The switch from the router will connect to the sales department and to the marketing department. The number of workstations in the sales department is more than our switch or hub can hold and therefore we will use a switch and a hub both connected to the main switch connecting to the router and each connecting fifteen workstations. The Switch is the best to use to interconnect the hubs since they will all be transmitting data packets to thesame destination and therefore the information relay problems common with hubs may not be experienced. The General Support department on the first floor will also be connected with a switch and a hub since they all have a maximum of 23 workstations to carry and the department has 30 workstations. Each switch and hub will, therefore, be entitled to fifteen workstations as illustrated by the network diagram below.
BN106 Networking Fundamentals Each Virtual Private Network_2
ClusterClusterClusterClusterVPN enabled routerVPN enabled routerInternetSwitchHubSwitchSwitchSwitchHubSwitchGeneral support departmentfirst floorSales department(Second floor)Marketing departmentSecond floor(Second floor)(Second floor)ModemSales DepartmentWorkstationWorkstationWorkstationWorkstationWorkstationWorkstationWorkstationWorkstationWorkstation10 WorkstationsWorkstationWorkstation15 Workstations15 WorkstationsWorkstationWorkstationWorkstationWorkstationWorkstationWorkstation14 Workstations14 WorkstationsApplications ServerApplications ServerEmails ServerEmails ServerMain ServerFigure 1: Network diagramRecommendation for Local Area Network wiringI would recommend the company to use Gigabit Ethernet which transmits data in form of Ethernet frames at a super-fast speed of one gigabit in every second[ CITATION Mic16 \l 1033 ]. The specified ethernet cable is incomparably faster from the other commonly used ethernet cables. They are also economical due to their low price and guaranteed speed. The gigabit ethernet cables will need the switch to be Gigabit switches for compatibility.The system can Use Power over Ethernet (PoE) or just a normal Gigabit switch that can connect the Gigabit fast ethernet cables. In their design, the Gigabit Fast Ethernets are logically into two divisions, the Media Access Control (MAC) and the Physical Layer Interface(PHY). The Media Access Controller deals with issues of availability of the medium of sending or receiving the ethernet packets while the Physical Layer Interface
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