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Physical Network Design

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Added on  2019-10-01

Physical Network Design

   Added on 2019-10-01

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I.Physical Network DesignA.Network TopologyBusiness NeedThe actual business need is to setup the Local Area Network (LAN) of both wired and wirelessenvironment to UMUC. The UMUC business all needs to access the External world (Internet)through its LAN workstations.Proposed Network TopologyThe star topology is selected for the Local Area Network (LAN). The property of star topology isthat each of the workstation node or computer directly connected with the physical interfacethrough the hub of multi station switch. All the switches are selected as Cisco switching moduleto provide the distributed network data interface for workstation nodes with servers implementedover the LAN. A multi station switch works intelligently to distribute the data traffic of networkonly among the active connected ports with workstation computers or nodes in the LAN. Now a days, star topology is very common topology for the physical network design and setup ofthe LAN. This provides the creation of subnets by configuring the multi station switches andimplemented routers. According to given requirement there are need of various subnets witheach with many computing workstations. Star topology is very common for LAN setup in anyorganization where there is need of the various subnets [1]. The model, cost and features of thedevices such as switch, routers, etc are given as follows.Switch – Cisco 2950T, Cost - $ 218.00 Approx. Features, supports 24 fast Ethernet ports and 2Gigabit Ethernet ports and virtual LAN interface.Router – Cisco Router 2901, Cost - $ 360.00 Approx, Feature – Support 2 ports for GigabitEthernet backbone LAN Connection.JustificationUMUC needs the wired and wireless LAN environment to facilitate the shared computingenvironment in its premise. The wired network connection is fixed connection for all the desktopbased personal computers and wireless LAN provides the mobile access to the LAN resources toall the mobile users under the premise. The Laptop, Tablet PC and smart phone can be used withthe wireless LAN to access the LAN and Internet. Therefore, for wired LAN, star topologyprovides the efficient and intelligent network traffic distribution among the workstation nodesand wireless LAN provides the mobility in accessibility of the LAN in two leased buildings ofUMUC. The servers are directly connected with the switches and each switch connects manyworkstation nodes via physical medium. The physical connection of workstation nodes alsoassures at least 10 to 100 Mbps data rate for each of the workstation nodes of the LAN. WirelessAccess points provide the flexibility in accessing the LAN resources of UMUC premise.
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It is also true that the switch works intelligently so that scanning of only active ports that areconnected with workstation node via the physical medium is taken. This ensures the maximumutilization available bandwidth of the LAN connection under UMUC premise.First Building Physical Network LayoutServer123425123425123425FirewallInternetClass Room 1Class Room 2LibraryOffice 1 Building 112345LAN Connection Building 2Office 2 Building 16789101112131415HR Dept.HR Net ServerNetwork PrinterNetwork PrinterNetwork PrinterNetwork PrinterRouterNetwork PrinterNetwork PrinterNetwork PrinterNetwork PrinterAPAPAPSecond Building Network LayoutServer123425123425Class Room 1Class Room 2First Building to Second Building123425Computer Lab1617181920Building 2 Office 12122232425Network PrinterNetwork PrinterNetwork PrinterNetwork PrinterNetwork PrinterNetwork PrinterNetwork PrinterBuilding 2 Office 2APAPB.Cable and Connectors
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Technical RequirementsCables and Connectors are required to create the physical connection of network and computingdevices. Desktop workstation computers, routers, switches, servers, printers etc are physicallytaken to be connected as per requirements.Proposed Cable and ConnectorsTwo types of cables are proposed to connect the different devices and computers of LANs ofboth buildings of UMUC.Cat 5 Cable: Category 5 twisted pair cable is used to connect the computers and printers withswitches. All the desktop computers of classrooms, labs, administrative office and libraries areconnected via cat 5 cable.Cat 6 Cable: Category 6 twisted pair cable is used to connect the switches with servers, routerswith servers, firewall with router, switch to switch modules.RJ45 Connector: Registered Jack 45 connectors are used to connect cables ends and then port ofthe switches and workstation computers.Cost of cat 5 cable is approx $108.00 per bundle of 90 meters and cat 6 cable is approx $ 135.00per bundle of 90 meters. RJ 45 connector is available with $30 per bundle of 100 nos.JustificationStar topology requires the direct physical wired connection for each of the desktop workstations,printers and other network equipments such as Wireless Access Points etc with the switches. Cat5 twisted pair cable is suitable and cost effective cable for this connection. Cat 6 twisted paircable support 100 Mbps to 1000 Mbps Data rate so it is used to physically connect the backboneLAN devices such as routers, switches and servers. The wireless interfaces are provided throughconfiguring wireless access points under each of the buildings. According to coverage ranges forstrong wireless signal two to three wireless access points are configured and connectedphysically through cat 6 twisted pair cable with the switches. Wired LAN is used from desktopcomputing workstations from Lab, Classroom, Library, Administrative office, HR office etc.wireless LAN can be used anywhere under each of the two building by the help of mobilecomputing devices such as Laptop PC, Smart phones and tablet PC. IEEE 802.3 Ethernet LAN isconsidered for wired LAN and 802.11 configuration is taken for wireless LAN [2]. C.Networking and Internetworking HardwareTechnical Requirements
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