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Bradford CollegeSchool of ComputingAssignment Brief - Teesside University AwardsCourse:BSc (Hons) COMPUTER NETWORKING AND SYSTEMS SUPPORTBSc (Hons) COMPUTING & INFORMATION SYSTEMSBSc (Hons) COMPUTING (TOP-UP)BSc (Hons) GAMES & DIGITAL MEDIAStage:3 (NQF/FHEQ Level 6)Module:EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS FOR COMPUTER GRADUATESAssignmentTitleEVIDENCE PORTFOLIONumber ofComponents1Component 1Weighting70%Portfolio of evidenceSubmission Date:01/03/2017by 23:55Wk 13Component 2Weighting30%Presentation oncurrent trendsand techniques within yourchosen specialist areaPresentation Date:(Rota on Moodle)w/c01/03/17Wks 11 & 12AssignmentSubmissionOn-line via MoodleRe-submissionPossible?YesTeesside University Assessment RegulationsThe overall pass mark for this module is 40%There is no automatic re-assessmentLate submission:Within 7 calendar days of the submission date(s) – Maximum mark of 40%After 7 calendar days of the submission date(s) – Your work will not be marked or gradedMitigating circumstances and extensionsYou can apply for an extension or mitigating circumstances for all modules. If you know that youwill have problems with submitting on time you should talk to your tutor at the earliestopportunity.Re-submissionRe-submission is not reassessment. You must achieve a mark of at least 20% on first submission.You will then be given a minimum of 4 weeks to re-submit. The maximum mark you can achieveis 40%/tmp/tmpehxjdsmgemployabilitydocx-6597.docx
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