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Entrepreneurship and Marketing | Assignment

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Added on  2019-09-16

Entrepreneurship and Marketing | Assignment

   Added on 2019-09-16

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Bradford CollegeSchool of ComputingAssignment Brief - Teesside University AwardsCourse: BSc (Hons) Games and Digital MediaStage:Stage 3 (NQF Level 6)Module:Entrepreneurship and MarketingAssignment TitlePlanning to Start your BusinessNumber of Components2Component 1 Weighting50%Business ReportSubmission Date2 January 2016 by 23:55 hrsComponent 2 Weighting50%Marketing ReportSubmission Date2 January 2016 by 23:55 hrsAssignment SubmissionOn-line via MoodleRe-submissionPossible?YesTeesside University Assessment RegulationsThe overall pass mark for this module is 40%There is an automatic re-assessment opportunityLate submission:Within 7 calendar days of the submission date(s) – Maximum mark of 40%After 7 calendar days of the submission date(s) – Your work will not be marked or gradedMitigating circumstances and extensionsYou can apply for an extension or mitigating circumstances for all modules. If you know that youwill have problems with submitting on time you should talk to your tutor at the earliestopportunity.
Entrepreneurship and Marketing | Assignment_1
Assignment BriefIntroductionThe entrepreneurship and marketing module aims to provide an understanding of the makeup of a micro SME and how various skills and roles can be combined to produce commercially viable products. The module will also equip the learner with an understanding of how the marketing strategy for games varies according to platform, genre and intended audience.This assignment requires you to create a career plan that will appraise your technical skills and career aspirations. This will be accompanied by a business plan (venture plan) that details what is required to set up a micro gaming business. Finally, you will provide an appropriate marketing plan that will detail how the micro gaming business can be promoted.Component 1 InstructionsCreate a Career Plan that includes the following: --Statement explaining why you are suitable for self-employment (Element 1 – learning outcome 7)-Appraisal of your technical and personal skills, identifying any medium and long-term goals in your chosen field (Element 2 – learning outcome 7)-Identification of the employability issues that could impact on your career aspirations (Element 3 – learning outcomes 6, 7 and 8)-List of characteristics that make up a good entrepreneur (Element 4 – learning outcomes7 and 8)Aim to answer the above questions as briefly as possibleCreate a business plan (venture plan) for the launch of a micro gaming development studio thatincludes the following sections: (Elements 5 and 6 – learning outcomes 1, 3 and 4)-Opportunity Overview-Market Research (secondary research, marketing mix)-Opportunity Assessment (demand, location, feasibility, attraction)-Opportunity Selection-Strategy (key objectives, competition – PESTLE)-People Plan (structure of the company)-Resources (hardware, software, premises)-Budget (investment, cash flow)-Business Model (canvas template – see moodle link for template)Aim to keep each section of your business plan as brief as possibleComponent 2 InstructionsCreate a marketing plan that includes the following: --Investigation of a range of marketing strategies suitable to promote a micro gaming business (Element 1 – learning outcome 2)-Selection and justification of the marketing strategy you will use based on value for money and return on investment (Element 2 – learning outcomes 4 and 5)-Documentation of all relevant marketing processes (see list below), showing projected sales and profit margins (Element 3 – learning outcome 3)When producing your marketing plan, consider the followingHow marketing theories are being used (the 4 P’s) Product, Promotion, Price, Placement.The strategy adopted.Segmentation of the marketThe method of communication media.Working within a given budget £500.00
Entrepreneurship and Marketing | Assignment_2

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