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Details of AssessmentTerm and Year4, 2017Time allowed6 WeeksAssessment No1AssessmentWeighting100%AssessmentTypee-Marketing PlanDue DateWeek 6Room611Details of SubjectQualificationBSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and ManagementSubject NameMarketingDetails of Unit(s) of competencyUnit Code (s)and NamesBSBMKG510 Plan E-Marketing CommunicationsDetails of StudentStudent NameCollegeStudent IDStudent Declaration:I declare that thework submitted is my own, and has notbeen copied or plagiarised from any personor source.Signature: ___________________________Date: _______/________/_______________Details of AssessorAssessor’s NameMICHAEL CIFTCIAssessment OutcomeResultsCompetent Not Yet CompetentMarks/ 100
FEEDBACK TO STUDENTProgressive feedback to students, identifying gaps in competency and comments on positiveimprovements:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Student Declaration:I declare that I havebeen assessed in this unit, and I have beenadvised of my result. I am also aware of myright to appeal and the reassessment procedure.Signature:____________________________Date:____/_____/_____Assessor Declaration:I declare that I haveconducted a fair, valid, reliable and flexibleassessment with this student, and I haveprovided appropriate feedbackStudent did not attend the feedback session.Feedback provided on assessment.Signature:____________________________Date:____/_____/_____
Purpose of the AssessmentThe purpose of this assessment is to assess thestudent in the following learning outcomes:Competent(C)Not Yet Competent(NYC)1.1 In consultation with relevant personnel,determine electronic marketing (e-marketing)purpose and objectives reflecting organisation’sstrategy, direction and values1.2 Develop an e-marketing strategy or plan thataddresses aims and targets of organisation’s existingbusiness or marketing plan, and is consistent withorganisational and budgetary requirements1.3 Develop a value proposition for e-marketingstrategy or plan1.4 Identify, cost and detail e-marketing tools for theorganisation and its products and services in the e-marketing strategy or plan1.5 Identify and incorporate e-marketing approaches,tools and strategies to reach target market andachieve objectives1.6 Ensure e-marketing strategy or plan includes anaction plan, schedule and budget estimates fordeveloping and implementing e-marketing strategies1.7 Ensure e-marketing strategy or plan includeseffectiveness measures and meets legal and ethicalrequirements2.1 Evaluate website marketing objectives to ensurethey are consistent with e-marketing strategy or
plan, and modify if required2.2 Establish strategies for evaluation of website as amarketing tool2.3 Evaluate website design according to e-marketing strategy, to ensure the design projectsrequired image of the organization, and conveysfeatures and benefits of products or services;recommend modifications if required2.4 Evaluate website data recording, contacts andfeedback mechanisms as part of website evaluation2.5 Develop website marketing strategy inaccordance with, and for inclusion in, e-marketingstrategy or plan2.6 Integrate website marketing strategy into overalle-marketing strategy2.7 Evaluate effectiveness of website marketingstrategyAssessment/evidence gathering conditionsEach assessment component is recorded as either Competent (C) or Not Yet Competent (NYC).A student can only achieve competence when all assessment components listed under “Purposeof the assessment” section are recorded as competent. Your trainer will give you feedback afterthe completion of each assessment.A student who is assessed as NYC (Not Yet Competent) iseligible for re-assessment.Resources required for this AssessmentComputer with relevant software applications and access to internetWeekly eLearning notes relevant to the tasks/questionsInstructions for Students
Please read the following instructions carefullyThis assessment has to be completed In class At homeThe assessment is to be completed according to the instructions given byyour assessor.Feedback on each task will be provided to enable you to determine howyour work could be improved. You will be provided with feedback onyour work within two weeks of the assessment due date. All otherfeedback will be provided by the end of the term.Should you not answer the questions correctly, you will be givenfeedback on the results and your gaps in knowledge. You will be givenanother opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to bedeemed competent for this unit of competency.If you are not sure about any aspects of this assessment, please ask forclarification from your assessor.Please refer to the College re-assessment for more information (StudentHandbook).ASSESSMENT ACTIVITY: E-MARKETING STRATEGY/PLANINSTRUCTIONS & ORGANISATIONAL CONTEXTS:
You are appointed as an Electronic Marketing Manager of an Online Marketing CompanyXYZ that provides e-marketing services to online businesses. Your senior manager hasrequested you to pick anyONEof the projects listed below and you will be required toproduce an E- Marketing Plan/Strategy for anyONEof the organisation. All of theseorganizations listed below are Australian based organisations and have online stores thatprovide online transaction services and sell product or services via the Internet.ASOS - Online clothing store or departmental store ( BET - online sports bet company ( - food delivery company (’s - online grocery store ( deals website ( - online electronics company ( PRESS - online printing and publishing company ( – online bookstore ( DOMAINS - web hosting & domain company( - online cloud service provider(
However, the scope and choice of the business, product or service is not limited to the listabove and you may wish to use an alternative business, product or service at your discretion.You will require some organisational information to conduct some analysis which you willfind the company website. For the purpose of analysis, you will still need to conduct researchto identify the environment, competitors, customer groups, and various other stakeholders.Your delegated task to research and provide and implement an E- Marketing Plan/Strategyfor the business, product or service based on the assumptions you have made during yourresearch. Using the e-Marketing template & the structure as provided below, develop a fullversion of the E-Marketing Plan/Strategy. Marking criteria and weights for each section ofthe plan are also provided below.E-MARKETING PLAN STRUCTURE & MARKING CRITERIAExecutive Summary(10 marks)Introduction(10 marks)Situational Analysis(10 marks)SWOT AnalysisIssues IdentifiedThe e-Marketing Schedule - Gantt Chart or Timeline for the e-Marketing Plan(10marks)The e-Marketing Strategies & Action Plan(10 marks)
product strategiesprice strategiespromotion strategiesdistribution strategies-Costing and Budget(10 marks)Technical Issues(2 marks for each = 20 marks)website content & search-abilityCustomer registration & logging security (for customers and staff)Coupon codes, rewards for old clients, discountsmultimediaautorespondersorder forms and feedback formsaccess levels to online resourcescredit card transactionswebsite hosting & publishingtechnical staff (size, requirements)Monitoring Strategy(5 marks)e-Marketing Evaluation methods(5 marks)Sources & References(5 marks)Appendix(5 marks)
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