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ASSESSMENT COVER SHEETSubject: BSBADV602 Develop an advertising campaignASSESSOR tocomplete this section RESULT IN EACH ASSESSMENT ITEMCommentsSatisfactoryUnsatisfactoryDid notsubmitAssessment 1Assessment 2Assessment 3Assessment 4ASSESSOR tocomplete this sectionASSESSMENT 1Advertising conceptsAnswer the following questions in your own words (50-100 words each)
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1.Define the following terms:a.Industry: This can be defined as the major activities that are involved in the processing of rawmaterials. In other words, industry is the place where manufacturing of goods take place (Fairtrading laws, 2017). This is one of the major areas where people are concern about theproduction of various goods. b.Services: These are the actions taken in order to provide help to people. This is related withindulging in some or the other kind of work for someone. In the broader context, services are aset of system where supply of different public needs such as utilities (electricity and water),transport and communications are provided.c.Products: This can be defined as the way by which a substance or article is made for the purposeof sale. Cloths, footwear, grocery and so on are some of the products that are produced in orderto fulfil the needs and wants of the common people. d.Organisation: This can be understood as the way by which a group of people meet and work forachieving a single goal (Third line forcing and commercials contracts, 2017). Their main aim isto attain a particular objective for which the organisation has been established.2.Explain the difference between ‘promotion’ and ‘place’ in the advertising mix.Promotion and place are the two major elements of advertising mix- Advertising mix can be defined as the wayby which a company uses some combination of methods or techniques in order to advertise their services andproducts. In order to make a difference between promotion and place in advertising mix, it is important to knowthe basic idea behind these two terms. Promotion is one of the major techniques that is being used by acompany in order to promote their products. Place is another tool used by various companies in order advertisetheir products.3.What do you understand by ‘information advertisements’?Information advertisement is one of the major concept of advertising strategies. This can be defined as the wayby which a company basically uses the technique of advertisement in such a manner that the consumer will notonly become aware about the product but also major features of the products can be displayed. It is importantfor every company to use tremendous advertising techniques with the help of which they can reflectinformation about the product and services to the customers. Organisation can use several medium ofadvertising depending upon their target and objective. 4.What is the purpose of ‘reminder advertising’?This is again a major marketing strategy used by several organisations (Schudson, 2013). It consists of sendingbrief messages to the target customers having an objective to remind them about a service or products. If thecompany have introduced some kind of theme in the existing marketing programs then they use reminderadvertising to make their target customers know about new features of the products and services. This type oftechnique might be used companies in order to remind their products to customers base in order to promote andsell products in market effectively.5.Explain the first two stages of the consumer decision-making process in your own words?Decision making is one of the core task of any organisation. It is essential for the company to take suchdecision with the help of which they can achieve their aims and objective. The first step in decision making is
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related with the idea where a person or organisation realise the need of taking decision upon some specificissue. This is so far, the most important stage because until and unless an organisation is not concern aboutmaking decisions, the company cannot move further in the market. Second step is related with gathering theinformation. It is important for the company to collect some relevant information before making any decisions. 6.Do you think the following ads are effective? Complete the questions in the table belowADVERTISEMENTWhat is thepurpose of thead? Whatproductfeatures isithighlighting?Why is the adeffective? The purpose ofthe ad is toshow that thecar is safe forboth the fatherand his child.In other world,given car haveall the featureswhich will besafe for thefamily. Itshighlighting thefeatures oftheproductwhere theson canalso usecar infuture.This isbecauseit’s safeand awayfrom anykind ofdamages. This ad is effectivebecause itsindicating thecurrentrequirement of thecustomers. Usingsafe and durableproducts are allthat is in demandby the consumer. Purpose of thisas is to makeconvey thecustomersabout thestrongest trucktyres. Its featurescan beevaluatedfrom thepicturethat thetyre is sostrong thatit can evenbear tonsof weights.Ad is affective as itis directlyproviding theinformation aboutthe tyres with thehelp of which truckcan be used forstoring heavyweights.
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7.What factors would you need to consider when you advertise in different markets? It is important to evaluate the effectiveness of different factors that are being used in order advertise indifferent markets. As companies need to be sure about their plans upon which they are entering into differentmarket (Perlich and et. al., 2012). For the purpose of advertising and entering into the new market, I wouldchoose the following factors:Economic factorsSocial and Cultural factors Political and Legal factorsMarket attractiveness Capacity of companyOn the basis of above factor, advertising can be done in the most effective manner. As it is important forthe company to evaluate the religious and legal aspect of the country in order to make an advertisement. 8.Anna Smith was looking for a mobile phone. She wanted to buy a phone having a number of features,including SMS, email, camera, video recorder etc. After doing lot of research she decides to go to Optusmobile store to buy iPhone4S, as she has always used Apple products in past. She goes in looking atdetails of iPhone 4S, which she had noted down on a piece of paper. She walks out of the store with aSamsung Galaxy mobile phone. Use the theory about consumer behaviour to explain:a.Why did Anna not follow through with her purchase decision to by an iPhone4S? What do youthink happened? In your answer refer to the theory on theConsumer decision making process’(See Stage 4, Page 11 in your Study Guide)Anna has decided to buy an iPhone but as soon as she entered in the Optus mobile store, sheended up buying a Samsung mobile phone. This explains the consumer behaviour of buying.There can be two possible reasons for this. First may be that Anna wasn't aware about thefeatures of Samsung mobile and when she compared it with iPhone, she preferred Samsung overiPhone. Second most obvious reason may be that the shopkeeper influenced her to buy Samsungby showing her all the features of the phone. b.What could Apple have done to make Anna purchase the iPhone4S at the store?In order to make Anna buy the iPhone, apple needs to introduce some more innovative featureswhich are in demand from the side of the customers. For example, they must introduce theconcept of dual SIM.ASSESSMENT 2Legislation and ethicsThis assessment has 2 partsPart A: Read the ‘Advertising and Selling’ guidelines published by the Australian Competition and ConsumerCommission (ACCC) and answer the questions that follow1.What is the main Act and Schedule that ensure that businesses trade fairly with consumers? It is important to take decision in favour of customers in order to make them fairly treated by the businesses(Parente and Strausbaugh-Hutchinson, 2014). That is why, government have taken several steps and made someact and schedule to ensure the fair trade with consumers.
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