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Coordinate Implementation of Customer Service Strategies

Complete project tasks related to coordinating implementation of customer service strategies based on a case study.

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Added on  2023-01-16

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This document discusses the process of coordinating and implementing customer service strategies to improve customer satisfaction and meet their needs. It includes tasks such as planning the implementation schedule, gaining necessary approvals, providing templates for customer service letters, and monitoring customer satisfaction. The document also provides examples and recommendations for future improvements.

Coordinate Implementation of Customer Service Strategies

Complete project tasks related to coordinating implementation of customer service strategies based on a case study.

   Added on 2023-01-16

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BSBCUS401 Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies
Project v2.0 (2017/10/30)
BSBCUS401 Coordinate implementation of customer
service strategies
Name Nicole Swift
Email address
Assessment© 2017 Australian Institute of Personal Trainers Pty Ltd and its licensors (AIPT) Commonwealth of Australia
Copyright Regulations 1969
Warning - This material has been reproduced and communicated to you by or on behalf of AIPT, pursuant to Part VB
of the Copyright Act 1968 (the Act).
The material in this communication may be subject to copyright under the Act. Any further reproduction or
communication of this material by you may be the subject of copyright protection under the Act.
All rights are reserved and you must obtain the prior written permission of AIPT for the republication or
redistribution of any content. Do not remove this notice.
Carefully review the material presented in this unit and the activities you have previously
completed. You should reflect on your learning, your own research, and your previous case
studies within this unit.
Complete the following project tasks, and submit all of the required documentation.
With reference to the case study, complete the follow tasks.
In the case study assessment, you identified strategies and opportunities to improve customer
service and meet the needs of customers. You presented and promoted these ideas to the
appropriate organisational individuals and groups. It is now appropriate to organise the
implementation of those strategies.Task 1
Before implementation, you will need to plan the implementation schedule and identify the who,
what, when, and how. Select one customer service objective. Then, in a report—a table may be
used—identify the following:
The customer service objective, e.g. What is the customer service goal?
The customer service strategy that is to be implemented, e.g. What steps are required to
achieve the goal?
The activities/tasks involved in the implementation, e.g. a list of the activities/tasks that need
to be undertaken
The staff required, e.g. all staff, specific departmental staff (marketing, sales, etc.), new casual
employees, etc.
Budget, e.g. financial resources required (costs to cover telemarketing phone calls, printing,
advertising, newsletters, etc.), total estimated costs
Other physical resources or supplies, e.g. display stands, promotional boards, customer
database, etc.
A schedule of timeframes for the activities/tasks, e.g. Gantt chart
Coordinate Implementation of Customer Service Strategies_1
BSBCUS401 Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies
Project v2.0 (2017/10/30)
What resource and activity approvals need to be arranged and with whom, i.e. job
role/position to be identified (names are not required). If you are the responsible person and
no further approvals are required, then this should be indicated in your report.
The customer service goal would be to provide a suitable dental service to those coming for
treatment by healing them of their dental issues.
The customer service strategies could be attained by the following means –
To provide timely services to the customers
To modify the orders as per requirement of the customers
To have young and efficient staff having knowledge in computers and other advanced
To retain the existing patients and attract new ones
To train the staff on requisite skills
To make the service staff accountable of their duties
To reward the staff for delivering an efficient service
These are the steps listed above to attain the customer service goal.
Recruitment of staff is an important aspect and efficient staff need to be recruited having
knowledge of dentistry and aptitude for training to further improve their expertise.
A budget worth $12000 is affixed for the purpose considering the advertising expenses,
newsletter printing and others.
Renovation of the clinic
Arranging different
equipment to provide timely
services to customers
Hiring efficient staff
Training staff and orientation
Arranging funds for the clinic
to accommodate new
Making courtesy call to the
existing patients to remind
them of the services
Proper accountability of the
staff in serving the customers
A new manager would be appointed to shoulder the responsibilities of the clinic and look into
its operational aspects
Task 2
Before implementing your plan, you need gain the necessary approvals and consult with
management and staff to gather their comments and commitment to achieving improved levels of
customer service. After you have received approval and management commitment, arrange a
meeting with your staff to discuss the customer service improvement plans and gain their
Coordinate Implementation of Customer Service Strategies_2
BSBCUS401 Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies
Project v2.0 (2017/10/30)
agreement on the plan and overall customer service objectives. The meeting minutes are to be
provided to your assessor. The minutes should demonstrate:
Discussion by staff to demonstrate commitment to achieving the customer service goals, e.g.
support implementation activities
Discussion and agreement by individuals or small groups on activities/tasks, timeframes, and
physical and budget resources required
Discussion and confirmation as to what, when, and how resources will be provided to
individuals/groups to enable them to complete the activities/tasks
Meeting Agenda:
Date –
Time –
Topic: Discussion with the operational manager on the issue of customer services
It would be better to start off with a staff orientation programme wherein efforts would be
made to let them understand the issues to be handled to satisfy the visitors. The training would
be centred on understanding the issues faced by the customers and they need to be motivated
by having an incentive model to deliver their best for commitment to the service goals (Hill &
Alexander, 2017).
The timeframe for the entire set-up has been affixed as 8 weeks right from renovation of the
clinic to proper accountability of the staffs in delivering the customer services. The most
important aspect to maintain a strong relationship with the existing customers and this
undertaken from the 6th week by making courtesy call to the customers and reminding of the
services due by the clinic. Hiring new staff and rightly training them in advanced technologies
would be quite effective in running the clinic well and indulge into promotional activities like
making courtesy calls to get attention of the targeted customers.
The resources would be allocated on limited basis to the staff specifically at the initial stage of
the project. Accordingly the tele-caller would be provided with a phone and customer database
with the target to book appointment on a daily basis and confirming the appointment to ensure
visit of the patient.
Task 3
As a manager, you need to provide templates of letters for staff to use as examples of the
standards and requirements of business letters when responding to customers’ difficulties and
complaints. Following the organisation’s procedures and using templates when resolving
customer difficulties and complaints both encourages prompt action and ensures a standard
approach in quality customer service. Customer complaints may be received from the customer
either as a letter, email, or phone call or orally. The letter templates should display the content,
structure, layout, and format of two types of customer service letters: formal and informal.
Procedures to resolve customer difficulties may include:
External agencies, e.g. Ombudsman
Item replacement
Referrals to supervisor
Refund of monies
Coordinate Implementation of Customer Service Strategies_3

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