Business Management with Foundation - Sample Assignment

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BSc (Hons) Business Management withFoundationBMP3004World of WorkFunctional AreasSubmitted by:Name:ID:0
Contents1.0 Introduction22.0 What is a business?23.0 What is Functional areas of business – Definition24.0 What are the key functional areas of a business?25.0 Description of the various functional areas in businessorganizations25.1 Marketing25.2 Human Resource Management35.3 Customer Service35.4 Finance35.5 Research and Development45.6 Sales46.0 Description of the types of skills needed by employeesto be able to work effectively in these functional areas46.1 Skills needed by Marketing employees46.2 Skills needed by Human Resource Management employees56.3 Skills needed by Customer Service employees56.4 Skills needed by Finance employees56.5 Skills needed by Research and Development employees66.6 Skills needed by Sales employees67.0 Conclusion6References71
1.0 IntroductionAnything that makes money and keeps it going is known as business activitiesthroughout every company. Such business activities vary according to the market, form,size etc. Financial, sales, HR, marketing, Customer supportand research anddevelopmentare thesix main functions of business activities presented in this report.These are overall business activities that are essential to the survival and sustainability ofeach industry to understand their functions (Shaikh 2010).2.0 What is a business?A company (entity) is a financial, academic, social, or just anybusiness associationthat works for profits.However, it may or may not be a profitable corporation or non-profit organization and may be independent of the individual running it or may notfunction. A business (activity) is a business that includes the delivery of products orservices that are primarily a source of revenue (Shaikh 2010).3.0 What is Functional areas of business - DefinitionThe key tasks undertaken by a corporation to gain income are functional areas.These actions impact the input and output of cash and decide the company's netprofits (Shaikh 2010).4.0 What are the key functional areas of a business?Sales, customer care, management and marketing are some of the key functionalareas for a company presented in this report. These are all part of the dailyoperations of a corporation affecting its incomes and income every month, quarter,and year. Their cash flow is also bulk and efficiency determination (Shaikh 2010).5.0 Description of the various functional areas in businessorganizations5.1 Marketing:In supporting a firm's company and purpose, the marketing function plays animportant role. It works as the business's face, coordinates, and produces all thebusiness products. It's the responsibility of the Marketing Department to reachpotential, buyers, investors and/or the society and to build an overall picture thatpositively reflects the business. This needs you to describe who you are for whomyou pose, what you are saying, what you are doing and what your organization is2
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