Budget and Resource Management Plan.


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Budget and Resource Management PlanProject Budget1.Estimation Methods(About ½ page. Write a short paragraph to explain which methods you are using to come up you’re your cost estimates. E.G. top-down, bottom-up, three point, one point, analogous, etc. You don’t have to use more than one method.)2.Budget(Use the table below to enter the original budget from you Charter, and an updated budget based the additional information about the project you might have uncovered since you did the Charter. Also give a brief explanation of numbers that have changed. NOTE: The cost categories in the first column can be different than the ones shown below.)CategoryOriginal budget(Charter)UpdatedbudgetExplanation of the difference between the twobudgetsEstimated LaborEstimated MaterialsEstimated ContractorsEstimated Equipment and FacilitiesEstimated TravelTotal Estimated Cost3.Budget Contingency PlanContingency amount (Specify how much money you will put away for contingencies (unforeseen events).)Justification

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