CS6003 – Advanced Software Engineering COURSEWORK PART 2.

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CS6003 – Advanced Software EngineeringCOURSEWORK PART 2SUBMISSION DEADLINE:week 26Tuesday (2nd May 2017)1.The Task of part 2 of the CourseworkThis part of yourCourseworkis to writeaProject Plan Report1,prepared withMS Word(yourfile must be submitted in aMS Word 2007/2010format).The form and structure of theReportmust correspond to theSE documentation template2.Task DescriptionYou are a Senior Software Engineer inBest Software Ltd.Your company specialises mainly indevelopment of mid-size software products.Your company is involved in development of aBloemendhal City Campus.(see the scenarioattached called scenario).In thisPart,you are playingthe roleof the project managerand do someScope Management,Time Management,andHuman Resource Managementtasks for yoursoftware project.You shalldo the following:1)WriteGeneric Report (Plan) Information(page 12of IEEE 12207.1):a)Date of issue and status;b)Issuing organisation;c)Glossary2)Write anOverview (Project Summary)for yoursoftware project.2)'Hand-pick' your team. The team consists of you, three full-time members and three peopleworking not more than 25% of their time. You, as the project manager, shall take part inProject Process (see ISO 12207-2008) activities only (that is definitely part-time, <= 25%)and cannot take part in any Software Implementation Processes. Full-time people may beused in Software Implementation Processes activities mainly;part-time people may be usedin any process. If you find that '25%-people' cannot cover all support and other processes,give an explanation why and give estimation what load should be put on part-time workers.2You earn £30 per hour. Two members of your team and a part-time member earn £35 perhour and others earn £25 per hour.In your plan, give a short description of each member of your team: name, background,specialisation, salary, etc.Plan your project for three months (11 weeks) to complete; it will cost £80,000. Thisamountof money is the salary of your team only; there is no need to plan other expenses.4)Describe organisational structure (as a chart + an explanation) of your team and give abudget summary.5)Present the project risk management and software quality management strategies.6)Develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for your software project and schedule theProject.The WBS must be based on the ISO 12207-2008 tasks, activities, andprocesses.1Suggestion: usingMS Project to develop the project planning.
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