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BUILDING INNOVATIVE COMPANY TO ACHIEVE HIGHPERFORMANCEMGMT 6520D (L1)Roger ChenClass 2(June 29th, 2017)(Learning Summary/Requirements)1.We first discussed the Qualcomm’s case where the company run aninnovative idea competition program to help the company innovate.The case on different lessons pertaining to building innovativecompany, including employees’ continuous roles in innovation projectsthey initiated, the managers’ (at Business unit) support to employeeswho initiated innovation projects, the organizational homes to incubateinnovation projects, the acceptance of business units to innovationprojects initiated outside of the BUs and the relationship betweencorporate R&D center and corporate innovation program (or gainingsupport from corporate R&D), etc. For companies that want to organizesimilar innovative idea competition, this case provides many goodlessons on the design and running of such competition programs.2.After the Qualcomm case, our class mainly focused on IBM’sinnovation case, its Emerging Business Opportunity program.For this case, our first learning deals with “where to start” issue: for acompany that wants to transform itself and to build company-wideinnovation DNA, starting with appointing a strong leader(organizational owner) and forming a (small) leadership team is crucialto help the company start the innovation transformation journey.For IBM’s innovation program, we mainly discussed following lessons.(a). How to find and motivate leaders to lead various innovationprojects. We discussed IBM’s learning and their practices pertainingthese leadership issues. It is important to understand what IBM did, andthe reasons.(b). Funding to the innovation project. In order to get funding, whatinformation/documents/preparation does IBM require innovation
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