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Building Sustainable Rural Communities: A Business Case

Added on -2019-09-20

This business case seeks a grant of $5M for capital investment to assist in building sustainable rural economies. The project aims to increase income for rural communities to assist them in getting better nutrition and accessing proper healthcare. The proposal addresses the issues of low income, malnutrition and inadequate healthcare. The project will educate small and medium-sized farmers about proper agriculture production and provide them with startup funding for farming equipment, fuel, seedlings, chemicals, livestock, feed, storage facilities, repairs or improvements to buildings and workers to cultivate the land in order to increase their income. The project will also provide a proper irrigation system accessing water from the large rivers to help during the long periods of drought.
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BUILDING SUSTAINABLE RURAL COMMUNITIES22.INTRODUCTION/BACKGROUNDA team of Social Workers from a government agency visited some rural communities inthe country, there they discovered that a large percentage of the population in some of thecommunities were experiencing high levels of malnutrition and were plagued with anoverabundance of health issues. They realized that their resources came from agriculturalrelated enterprises managed by small and medium sized farmers but although they hadlarge tracts of cultivatable land, their production, productivity and income was very low.This could be due to the fact that the region experienced long periods of drought andalthough two large rivers run through the communities, access to the water from theserivers were limited for use by the farmers for their crops and animals. This Business Case intends to seek a grant of Five Million US Dollars from the fundingagency for capital investment and to assist in building sustainable rural economies. Oncethe project is successful it will provide income for these communities to assist them ingetting better nutrition and accessing proper healthcare.
BUILDING SUSTAINABLE RURAL COMMUNITIES33. OVERVIEW3.1 VISIONTo build sustainable rural communities by assisting the population with theiragricultural enterprises so that it can be efficient and profitable. In so doing, thiswill increase their income resulting in them being able to afford healthcare andminimize their health issues while improving their overall way of life.3.2 ORGANISATION OBJECTIVEThe organization objective is to acquire the necessary funding to assist these ruralcommunities to become self-sustainable.To obtain the $5M US grant from the funding agency to be used to educate thesmall and medium sized farmers about proper agriculture production since theland is readily available and cultivatable. Funds will be used for the purchase oflivestock & feed, seedling, chemicals, farming equipment, fuel, insurance, repairsor improvements to buildings and workers. To alleviate the problem of drought,funds will be used for a proper irrigation system for crops and livestock and toprovide potable water for use by the community. This will lead to increasedproductivity and income for the families to lessen the high levels of malnutritionand access to proper healthcare system to help them alleviate the overabundanceof health issues.

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