Building Sustainable Rural Communities Assignment

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2FUNDING PROPOSAL REQUEST FOR US$5M GRANTSUMMARYA team of Social Workers from a government agency visited some rural communities in thecountry, there they discovered that a large percentage of the population in some of thecommunities were experiencing high levels of malnutrition and were plagued with anoverabundance of health issues. They realized that their base resources came from agriculturalrelated enterprises managed by small and medium sized farmers but although they had largetracts of cultivatable land, their production, productivity and income was very low due to the factthat the region experienced long periods of drought, and had little access to the water from twolarge rivers that ran through the communities.Once the $5M US grant from your funding agency is approved, it will be used to educate thesmall and medium sized farmers about proper agriculture production since the land is readilyavailable and cultivatable. Funds will be used for the purchase of livestock & feed, seedling,chemicals, farming equipment, fuel, insurance, repairs or improvements to buildings andworkers. To alleviate the problem of drought, funds will be used for a proper irrigation systemfor crops and livestock and to provide potable water for use by the community.This is a great way of the villagers being self-employed and will lead to increased productivityand income for the families to lessen the high levels of malnutrition and access to properhealthcare system to help them alleviate the overabundance of health issues.The beneficiaries will be the members of the rural communities who will enjoy increasing familyincome, wealth, access to quality education and proper healthcare, all amounting to a higherstandard of living. The funding agency will be a beneficiary also; they can have their moneywork for them to earn more money, increasing their profit and promoting long life of the agency.Proper farming techniques will result in obtaining better yields while making sure that theenvironment is well protected to support farming even in several years to come. The Ministry ofSocial Work intends to complete the project within three months, after which the villages and
3FUNDING PROPOSAL REQUEST FOR US$5M GRANTfarmers will be monitored. The overall cost will be within the budget of Five Million U.S.Dollars (US$5M)CONTENTS PAGETitle Page:Page 1Summary:Page 2Contents:Page 3Proposal:Pages 4 - 8Conclusion & Budgeting:Pages 9 - 10Appendices:Pages 11 - 18Bibliography:Page 19
4FUNDING PROPOSAL REQUEST FOR US$5M GRANTPROPOSAL:CONTEXTA team of government appointed Social Workers visited some rural communities in the countryand realized that villagers were affected with an overabundance of health issues, suffering fromhigh levels of malnutrition and making very income very low from their base resource ofagriculture.They realized that their resources came from agricultural related enterprises managed by smalland medium sized farmers but although they had large tracts of cultivatable land, theirproduction, productivity and income was very low. This could be due to the fact that the regionexperienced long periods of drought and although two large rivers run through the communities,access to the water from these rivers were limited for use by the farmers for their crops andanimals.This low income could attribute to the circumstances of a large percentage of the population wassuffering from high levels of malnutrition and that they were plagued with an overabundance ofhealth issues, since they would not have the funds to access proper healthcare or nutritious foods.A report was prepared by the Social Work Team to the funding agency All Terrain Enterprises,seeking to obtain a grant of US$5M in order to build sustainable rural economies whileaddressing the issues of low income, malnutrition and inadequate healthcare. Once thesecommunities can increase their income by means of agriculture enterprises, they will be able toincrease the family income and wealth, afford proper homes, have access to quality educationand stimulate economic development. The capital investment made by the sponsor will assist thefunding agency in furthering its business objectives and the capital investment made is expectedto be productive over many years.The funding of Five Million U.S. Dollars will be used as follows:Direct Labour:$393,120.00
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