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TASK 1(a) Explaining how the issues raised in this media report reflect descriptive and normativeapproaches to understanding ethicsIt can be said that the confusion and conflicts can be solved by distinction betweendescriptive and normative ethics. What people think about this memo written by James Damoreis descriptive ethic in their minds and what they conclude from this and talk about is normativeimplications effectively. Normative ethics: Normative ethic is all about right or wrong and virtues. Normative ethics isabout what actually has overriding importance for determining how we ought to act. Even if youwant a million dollars, you ought not kill innocent people in order to get a million dollars inreturn (Crane, & Matten, (2016)). In this case, suggestions provided by different people onJames Damore memo in terms of right or wrong is normative ethic.Descriptive ethic: Descriptive ethics is, what motivate pro-social behaviour, how people reasonabout ethic, what people believe to have overriding importance, and how societies regulatebehaviour. We know that empathy helps motivate pro-social behaviour and we know that ourbeliefs about what has overriding importance is somewhat based on the culture we live in.In this media report of Google some issues are raised in terms of positive and negativereviews which are normative and descriptive in nature effectively.(b) how the issues raised in this media report can be related to Moral RightsMoral rights are those rights in which authors have authority to protect integrity andownership of work (Trevino,, & Nelson, . (2016)). Moral rights also help to connect work fromthe creator in terms of appearing the name of author who described, name should be in term ofcredits and name should be published with any writing related to the author effectively. It willhelp to keep the connection between you and your work. Moral rights has lifeline of 70 yearsafter the death of real author or creator. According to the Google case in which the firm has fired James Damore that he wrote amemo in which he says that Tech firms trying diversity programs in order to bring more womenin the firm are looking it in a wrong way. He said all the things which prevent women to work inTech industries effectively. In addition to this, most of the authors and people react upon this by1

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