Report on English Legal System and Laws

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Business Law
INTRODUCTIONA set of laws which are related to business activities can be stated as legislation ofcommercial activities. It includes large number of rules and regulations that governs the activitiesof a business.It has subset to explain business formation and legal obligations about businessactivities which can help to run business with duly conveying all legal formalities(Bagley,2010).The business law has included different elements in it like; business contracts, ethicalrecruitment practices and sales of goods to consumers as per their choice.This report willexplain about different English Legal system and various laws which have to be followed byevery organisation. It will also state about the importance of government in making an act aswell as legal obligation of an employer towards their employees.SECTION 1P1. English legal system and origin of lawIn every country, there are different types of English Legal system which contains rulesand regulations regarding the functioning of business and aidsto pursue all types of businesspractices according to legal procedures to maintain the ethics in the business. Mainly two type ofstructure are used which are here in the below mentioned points;Civil law- This system handles private disputes and provides appropriate solutions todisputed parties so that their problems can be resolved. It is an organized structure whichinvolves various rules and regulations by which citizens and jurists can resolve theirissues as soon as possible.Criminal law-This structure plays an important role when there is any serious case suchas murder or when an individual is stealing any important data of a company.In this type of legal system top level authority is known as supreme court who's order anddirections has to be followed by each and every aggrieved party with their acceptance or not.Ifan individual will have any legal problem then he can take the help of following juries-Magistrate court and tribunalThen, Crown and country jurisdictionHigh court which can becategorisedintwo sectioninwhichone isFamily tribunalthatcanalsobecalled as Court of chancery and Queen regnantand second one isDisjunctivetribunal that can also be known as administrative assembly.1
Stillafterthatindividualwouldnotget satisfactory solutionthen supreme court will bethe last option for him in order to get justice.Sources of law-Fundamental law-It isan importantinstrument that describes the fundamental rights andduties of citizens.This instrument is made by government so that rights of citizens can bedefended from any unethical activities and economy of nation can be developed.(Craneand Matten, 2016).Law-makers-It includes those person who has power and responsibility to make lawafter considering the situation of country.InUnited Kingdom, there is also a documentwhich influences existing companies and their operations.Executives-For formulating an enactment, presidentplays an crucial functionas withouthis signature, no bill can become a legislation.Executive's order will be binding on everyindividual who are residing in that country.It also involves written agreement which area source of law.Judiciary-It can also be further divided which are described hereunder-Common Law- In this, jury takes decision of existing problemaccording to previousdeclared judgements same type of cases, it provides a clue to the judge to make aclear situation and what kind of judgement can be effective in this case.2( Figure1:Structure of the English Court System, 2017)
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