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BUSN19024 Professional Practice Preparation - assignment

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Professional Practice Preparation (BUSN19024)


Added on  2020-02-23

BUSN19024 Professional Practice Preparation - assignment


Professional Practice Preparation (BUSN19024)

   Added on 2020-02-23

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STATEMENT ADDRESSING SELECTION CRTIERIAPosition- Biology TeacherFirst Name Family NameREF- #WEB 1708-520298SPI have achieved high distinction grades consistently throughout my college anduniversity course. My Bachelor course in Education required high written and oralcommunication skills. These interpersonal skills helped me gain higher credits in writtenassessments including analytical papers, detailed technical reports, essay questionsand short answers written under stringent examination conditions (Acker 2015). I havealso been required to submit and present oral reports on diverse topics. In one suchreport, I had to develop and present a one hour presentation on the disadvantages andadvantages of multidisciplinary teamwork. Such assignments required me to includedevelopment, research of arguments, and production of a write-ups and presentation ofthe analyzed results in seminar groups. The education programs made me well1
BUSN19024 Professional Practice Preparation - assignment_1
STATEMENT ADDRESSING SELECTION CRITERIAproficient in developing communication skills in debates (Casey and Childs 2017). I hadeffcieintly carried out the role of being a class representative and inform our teachersthe problems we faced during our classes. In the final year of my Masters program, theauthorities convinced me to present an orientation address to the first year students.This garnered positive feedback from the audience members, the Principal and thestaff. As a treasurer and secretary, I had to display high level communication skills toefficiently execute my responsibilities. The Principal from the Central QueenslandUniversity and a lecturer from my Bachelor course are completely aware of my potentialand abilities. Their names have been suggested as referees after their informedconsent. They have seen me at my best and can give a firsthand account of mysuccess that I had experienced on various endeavors during my education years.Bachelor degree in Education from the University of Queensland has instilled a passionfor learning Biology and teaching it with utmost importance. It is a passion which ignitesa sense of enthusiasm and urges me to achieve my personal best (Shogren et al.2015). I am a strict and passionate advocate of Life Science education, which is fuelledby the belief that Life Science is not just about animals and plants but it is the sciencethat makes us breath, live, move and carry out daily activities (Stormont et al. 2015). Itis the science that triggers thinking, language and memories. The course taught me to successfully apply quality teaching methods forstudents to gain and develop their confidence and understanding of the intriguing livingworld. The Bachelor program in Education taught the different approaches needed torelate to individual learning needs of students and how to boost their abilities (Akbari2
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