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Cover Letter, Curriculum Vitae and Response

Create a job application comprising of a cover letter, curriculum vitae (CV), and response to selection criteria.

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Added on  2023-06-13

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This article provides a sample cover letter, curriculum vitae and critical response to a job description for a pre-school teacher position. It includes relevant work experiences, education, and achievements.

Cover Letter, Curriculum Vitae and Response

Create a job application comprising of a cover letter, curriculum vitae (CV), and response to selection criteria.

   Added on 2023-06-13

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Cover Letter, Curriculum Vitae and Response_1
Strawberry Wilson
Northbury, Green Park
Street No 40
Queensland 785611
17. 04. 2018
Harry Mathhews
Gumnut Cottage
Locked bag 3501
North Ryde NSW 1670
Dear Mr Matthews
Re: Application for early childhood pre-school teacher in Gumnut Cottage
Introductory paragraph
This is in reference to your advertisement for the position of educator that was published in
the Sydney Morning Herald. I am interested to apply for the position early childhood pre-
school teacher in Gumnut Cottage is in association with Macquarie University. My interest
for this position can be attributed to my passion for teaching and taking care of children. If I
Cover Letter, Curriculum Vitae and Response_2
am selected for this position, I will be able to use my skills of oral and written communication
in interaction with the children and teaching them about basic concepts. I have understood
that this job demands coordination and the ability of management. I feel that on being
selected for this position I will
Main body of the letter
The job requires an early childhood pre-school teacher for the childcare centre that in Gumnut
Cottage. Since the job demands a caring, cheerful and motivated individual to join the pre-
school team, I feel that I will be able to bring in my unique personality to the job. I have
always been a sociable person. I am fond of taking care of children. Earlier I have taught in
Montessori and engaged as a private tutor for small children. During my course as a
Montessori teacher, I was entrusted with the responsibility of designing the curriculum.
Whilst designing the course curriculum, I kept in mind that the module should address the
growth of children and therefore have modules that encourage children to learn through play.
I have done my Bachelor of Education and have 6 years of teaching experience for pre-
primary children. As the job demands a number of qualities like being efficient in Asthma
and Anaphylaxis Management, have the ability to respond to abuse and address issues
pertaining to the Education and Care (RAN), I feel my additional qualification in Asthma and
Anaphylaxis Management course from Australia Wide First Aid has equipped to deal with
patients who suffers from chronic asthma. Through this course I have learnt about the
symptoms and triggers associated with asthma and the high-quality First Aid Asthma. I also
possess the necessary rigour to review the philosophy that involves the interests of all the
stakeholders. In my earlier experience, I have worked with the administration, and therefore, I
know how to coordinate with different people and management group. I would be required to
manage with the Director, parents, children, centre and staff. The job requires me to work in
partnership with families from the diverse social and cultural backgrounds in seeking
innovative means to deliver and share effective learning programmes. In my experience, I had
to interact with the family of a black boy who was subjected to bullying in the classroom buy
his white peers. As a teacher I developed a curriculum that promoted pluralism and ethnic
equality in the classroom. This was done through eliminating the cultural stereotypes that are
documented in the textbooks. I further encouraged students from different communities to
share their experiences of bullying to spread awareness about the veracity of the incidents.
The concluding paragraph
I have enclosed my resume and other relevant documents that was requested. This includes
the application form and other statement addressing the selection criterion. I am confident
about my capabilities based on my previous experience and I look forward to discussing the
position further in the interview.
Yours faithfully,
Strawberry Wilson
RESUME Strawberry Wilson
Cover Letter, Curriculum Vitae and Response_3

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