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Calculations and Graphing Representations1Calculations and Graphing RepresentationsNameCourse NumberDateFaculty Name
Calculations and Graphing Representations2Calculations and Graphing RepresentationsQuestion 1a)Frequency distributionTable1: Frequency distributionbinFrequencyRelative FrequencyPercentageCumulative Frequency17080.1616%16%220150.330%46%270120.2424%70%32040.088%78%37050.110%88%42020.044%92%47020.044%96%52020.044%100%b)Histogram of Shipping Charges showing percentages1702202703203704204705200%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%Histogram of Shipping ChargesFigure1: Histogram showing percentages
Calculations and Graphing Representations3Shipping charges are highly skewed to the right, showing that there is the extreme value of thecharges. 30% of the values selected are between 170 and 220, 24% between 220 and 270 and16% between 120 and 170. More than 50% of the values are between 120 and 270 and themaximum value is 490. Therefore, data on shipping charges are not approximately normal1.c)The most appropriate measure of central tendencyThe median statistic will be the best measure of central tendency because it is not much affectedby extreme values.Question 2: Demand and Unit pricea)Is demand and Unit Price related?Demand is the response variable and unit price is the predictorzstatistic=coefficientstandarderror2.1370.248=8.167pvalue<0.0011Aczel and Sounderpandian,Complete: Business Statistics.
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