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Running head: INTRODUCTION TO INSURANCE1Introduction to InsuranceName:Institutional Affiliation:
INTRODUCTION TO INSURANCE2Introduction to InsuranceQuestion 1There are several steps in which the personal insurance products get distributed:Providing information and advice to customers: According to the Canadian Council ofInsurance Regulators (CCIR), consumers must be informed about the products they arebeing offered for them to make informed choices (E-Distribution of Insurance Products,2013).Identification of the insurance providers: Consumers must access data that may enablethem to spot the insurance provider and confirm whether the entity is regulated andregistered.Disclosure of the required information such as exclusions, warranty and limitations aboutthe insurance product being offered.The chance to review the accuracy of the data provided about the product.Provisions of detailed terms and conditions about the contract. According to the CCIR,consumers must have detailed copy of the application and the contract so that they canuse it to refer when they want to make their transactions.Question 2The structure of the Alberta Provincial Court System has four main divisions: Criminal division,family youth division, civil division, and traffic division.
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