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Care giver self-care Nurses PDF

Added on - 23 Nov 2021

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Care giver self-care
Nurses play a major role in caring for a patient. This however, may cost them tremendously since
nurses grief when a patient dies. If grief is identified and handled appropriately, nurses will cope with it
by being in a position to understand loss in a nursing perspective. This also assist throughout care
delivery, compassionate care of clients and promoting a healthy relationship. Failure to recognize this
grief or ineffective coping will lead to complications at some point. Nursing may also develop
compassion fatigue as a result of caring for suffering patients on a daily basis. Both unresolved grief and
compassion fatigue makes a nurse to experience adverse physical and emotional exhaustion. This will
affect both the individual as well as the health organization. It therefore important for the care giver to
practice self-care in order prevent cumulative grief and compassion fatigue.
Nurse to have the ability to identify symptoms of loss and grieve and allow time to grieve:this
will help in recognizing these feelings earlier. The nurse will then be able to apply appropriate
coping mechanism and this will help in prevention of the effects that may arise.
The nurse should also find ways to regain their own strength and well-being and engage in
activities that bring comfort and refreshment: This is for example, games, music, yoga
relaxation and spirituality. These activities will help the nurse to divert their thoughts and
concentration from the grief and care giving. When this happens the mind and body relaxes and
the strength is also renewed. Activities such as games will also work to ensure that the physical
health is maintained. This will reduce stress.
Adopting a proper work-life balance. The nurse must realise that he or she has a life outside
work and try as much as possible to balance it the work life. This will aid in reducing stress and
burnout that results from work.
The care giver should also build positive relationships both in their personal and professional
lives:These relationships can be therapeutic in nature and may help nurses to cope with the
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