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CAREER EPISODE 3CE 3.1 Project InformationName of the project:Gravity Ropeway- Fighting Poverty with TechnologyLocation of the project:Plot No. 32-34, Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida, UttarPradesh-201306, IndiaProject Duration:From March of 2015 to April 23 of 2015Organization:Sharda UniversityRole and Designation during the time:Project Team Member, Engineering DesignCE 3.2 Project BackgroundCE 3.2.1 Characteristics of the projectThis project was my final year project. It started in the month of March 2015 and wascompleted on April 23, 2015. This project was about designing a prototype of a gravity ropewaythat can be used for fighting against the poverty in Nepal. This project was undertaken to carryout a research study on the current gravity ropeway system of Nepal. The improvement ofgravity ropeway will help to enhance the economic well being of the deprived as well as the ruralregions of Nepal. A technologically advanced gravity ropeway system will help in reachingagricultural commodities to various markets and market linkages. The gravity ropeway systemwill help in alleviating poverty in Nepal and enhancing the lives of the farmers.
CE 3.2.2 Objectives developed for the projectThe primary objectives of the project were:To study the feasibility of the gravity ropeway system in the mountainous andhilly regions of NepalTo get an insight into the working principle of the gravity ropeway systemTo design a working model and use advanced technology for improving thesystemThe secondary objectives of the project were:To accomplish the primary objectives through collaborative activities and teamcoordinationTo find out the benefits that a local area will get by using a gravity ropewaysystemCE 3.2.3 My area of workThe project team captain had equally distributed the tasks among the team members. Mymain area of work was prototype designing. I have excellent numerical skills that helped me tocarry out the calculations that were required in the project. I had to carry out a relevant researchwork for understanding the working mechanism of the gravity ropeway system. I also had tocarry out appropriate feasibility study. My area of work included the engineering design as wellas the theoretical design of the system. I had to investigate the practical actions taken by a non-governmental international organization of Nepal for providing appropriate technical resourcesto build a gravity ropeway system across the country. I had to prepare technical reports andproject reports for this project.
CE 3.2.4 Project GroupFigure 1: People involved in the projectCE 3.2.5 My responsibilities throughout the projectBeing a project team member, my main responsibility was to carry out the engineeringdesign by utilizing advanced technologies. I had to ensure proper fabrication of the prototypemodel. I was responsible for making all the relevant calculations between two hills byconsidering all the components and energies that were affecting the trolley. It was myresponsibility to design the trolley components and the entire prototype in such a way so that itcan fit in a classroom for presenting it to the university authority. I was also responsible fordesigning the braking system. The entire documentation and presentation process was under myresponsibility.
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