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Case Study on Health literacy

Added on - 05 Oct 2021

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Running head: CASE STUDIES
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Author note:
Health literacyis the degree to which the individuals have the capacity for obtaining,
processing as well as understanding basic health information and services that are needed for
making appropriate healthcare decisions. Individuals who have high levels of health literacy are
able to tackle their illness appropriately by undertaking interventions that help them to overcome
their symptoms and signs (Peter et al., 2015). Often different healthcare factors like age,
education, language abilities and even cultures can affect the degree of health literacy that are
developed by people over their lifetime.Not every individual in the nation possesses same level
of health literacy. Some of them have high level of knowledge about proper ways of taking care
of health and the different lifestyle factors that can lead to poor health outcomes. However, many
individuals do not have any ideas about how different lifestyle habits contribute to ill (O’Hagan
et al., 2014). They undertake lifestyle factors and diet habits that make them prone to different
chronic ailments. They also do not have ideas about how to access healthcare services and can
harbor different negative ideas about healthcare systems. This assignment will show how
undertaking correct communication approach can help in developing health literacy in patients
and overcome conflicts.
Case study 3:
It is the duty of the healthcare professionals to help the patients develop the health
literacy skills to enable them to modify their lifestyle factors and teach them effective ways of
self-management and coping strategies. The patient of the case study is obese with high amount
of body fat. This had increased the patient to poor cardiovascular health. Studies show that obese
patients are more prone to cardiovascular disorders. Hence, it becomes important for the nursing
professionals to communicate with the patient and educate him in ways by which his health
literacy can be developed. This would help the patient to develop knowledge about his health
conditions and follow advice of the nurse to protect his own health.
Different patients have different leaning styles. Therefore, the nurse would first need to
know the proper learning style of the obese patient atfirst.Secondly, it is important for the nurse
to stimulate the interest of the patient. Researchers are of the opinion that it is important for
patients to understand why undertaking specific interventions are important. Therefore, the nurse
should first establish rapport with the patient. She should ask and answer various questions and
specific concerns of the patient. Health education can be provided to the patient in “teach back”
method as well where the patient would repeat about what he had understood from the education
given by nurse (Miller, 2016).Third, motivational interviewing can be also conducted with the
patient. The patient would be discussed about the details of the disorder and then would be
encouraged to identify his own improper lifestyle factors. This would help the patient to become
encouraged and motivated by himself to take steps like dieting and physical exercises for healthy
living and reduce risks of fatal disorders. Empathy and compassion should form the main basis
of communication.Fourth, the nurse should also understand the limitation as well as strength of
the patient while educating and encouraging him about lifestyle modifications that need to be
done. This would help in enhancing the chances of success of better health outcome of the
Teach back method is one of the leading patient strategies where nurses ask patients to
repeat a concept, set of instructions as well as other healthcare information in their own words.
This communication procedure would help the provider to confirm whether the client fully
understood the exchange. Some of the communication aspects are to be followed.Firstly, basic
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