Structuring Answers for Case Studies in Law


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Case studies: structuring your answers Q1 – 10%What law is relevant to this case?Your answers should indicate the relevant section(s) of the law and explain how this applies to this issue (10%). Refer notes to identify the protected characteristic and the type(s) of discriminationoccurring Use Westlaw/PLC/Lexis PSL library to source the correct section of the law Think about the cases we have discussed in class: you may comment on the likelihood of a claim, i.e. depending on the facts of the case, a claim for a certain type of discrimination may be more likely to be raised and succeed, whereas there may be potential grounds for a claim regarding another type of discrimination, but itmay be easier for the company to defend Notes for your answer:

Q2 – 30%What are the potential risks if the organisation breaches this law?Youshould discuss the possible risks to the company if a potentially discriminatory decision is made: your discussion here should identify and explain the legal risks with reference to case law and could also make an evaluation of the possible business/reputational risk associated with any discrimination (30%). Use Westlaw/LPC/Lexis PSL to find relevant case law and consider how this applies to this particular situation. In cases where the employer lost at tribunal, what was it that they did or did not do that is similar to this case? What financial awards have been given to employees in similar cases? Thisusually helps to influence employers to ‘do the right thing’ Notes for your answer:

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