Conflict Management Case Study: Assignment

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CASE STUDY2Provide a synopsis of the key facts of the caseFrom the case study “Anita Jairam at metropole services” it can be seen that Anitawas a senior project manager at Metropolis Services who handles various kinds of softwareprojects and with the help of the team members provides better services to the clients. Theorganization Metropole is mainly focused to perform well in the healthcare business byproviding better software applications to the health centers. The responsibility of Jayram wasnot only to provided better solutions by solving the errors but was also to help in the bettergrowth and development of the organization among its competitors. She was alsosuccessfully in developing and maintaining good relations with both the seniors as well as theteam mates. She was even capable of performing various kinds of tasks such as businessdevelopment, human resource etc. She even developed and implemented various strategies sothat the targets can achieved within the stipulated time. From the case study, it can also beseen that before joining the metropole services of information technology, she was workingin a large manufacturer organization of India. The company used to develop and sellpackaged goods to the customers. Though she and her colleagues were not provided bettertraining and development programs but still she had good knowledge about the marketingand sales plan. So, it was easier for her to prove herself and gain good position in theorganization through various promotions and new responsibilities. Jairam not only proved herskills, knowledge and performance in the sales but also within the accounts department. It isbecause she was able to increase the product sales by solving the identified problem withproper solution and techniques. In the previous company she was the leader of both the salesand accounts team (Gonçalves, Reis, Sousa et al, 2016). The group members were alsoresponsible and good. They even respected and listened to Jairam and decisions were takenafter proper discussion and consultation with the embers. So, after sometime she became oneof the strong competitors for promotion in the previous organization. However, due to her
CASE STUDY3good performance she got various offers from various organizations, one of which was themetropole organization. She was provided with the valuable information at the time ofjoining Metropolis by the head of the firm Mr. Sharma and was immediately made the headof the software developers team. There were eight male software who were already workingin a project. She even felt that she had to prove herself by performing well with the team soshe tried to build good relations with the team members. She even monitored the works of theteam members but whenever she wanted to know or ask anything she was interrupted by oneof the team members named Vivek. She was not only monitoring the performance of the teammates but was also handling the clients by promising to better results. However, beforesubmitting the deadline project, instead of her, Vivek talked with the client about theprogressed. She was also shocked to know that the team members had already plannedvarious aspects based on which the client will be handled. So, it can be clearly understoodfrom the study that some misunderstandings and problems had aroused within the team. Sheeven realized that she was not able to develop a good relation with the team members leadingto the failure in forming better dynamics (Choi, 2013). She was even shocked as she was notinvolved in important team meetings So, she had to identify the issues and solve them withproper measures as then it would be easier to perform various tasks efficiently andeffectively.Symptoms: Explain the series of events that lead to Anita thinking something had gonewrong with her leadership of the groupAns:The activitiesthat forced Anita tothinkthatsomething had gone wrong with herleadershipstyle while leading the team are—first, the team members did not discuss theirworks and progress with her. They distributed their works among themselves only. Third,after sometime she was not communicating directly with the team mates for gainingknowledge about the project progress. Fourth, her team was behaving with her casually when
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