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IntroductionThe following write up is my reflection on withholding the truth about patient terminal prognosis. It will contain the impact of withholding truth to the patient, family and I and how the staff attitudes on patient’s and family cultural practices can affect care provided to the patient and it impact on the patient and family psychological wellbeing. The write up will also contain specific strategies that I plan to incorporate in such cases in my health care profession. The reflection is based on Amy’s story case study.Impact of withholding trutha)To patientWithholding the truth from Amy who has a life limiting condition has several impacts both mentally and physically. First, withholding the truth causes anxiety to the patient due to lack of knowing the condition of her health. The patient is not able to know what to expect that increasesanxiety leading to stress. The patient is also unable to make informed decision and accept palliative therapies (Costantini et al. 2009). b)To familyFirst, withholding the truth about the patient condition to the family leads to misinformation about the patient’s emotions. Therefore the family is unable to offer appropriate support to the patient. Withholding the truth also leads to unrealistic expectations which at the end are not met destroying hope and trust.c)To meAs a health care professional handling a prognosis patient, withholding the truth can cause stress and discomfort. I will keep thinking about how to deal with the patient, patient’s family and respond to patient’s emotions without depressing them to handle their negative feelings. Withholding the truth will also cause misunderstanding from the patient on what to do and expect.

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