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Case Study Analysis Report Assignment

Added on -2019-09-16

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RUNNING HEAD: Case study analysisCase study analysis
Case study analysis 2The positive examples of social interaction in this case is-Sandra Fairley has already started the session with two employees when Mike arrivedand the way she responded to Mike was good when she asked him “We’ve already begun Mike,so can you grab a seat quickly? Mike was late for the session and instead of apologizing, he wasblaming the subway for the delay. Sandra might insult him at the time he came. But due to herpositive social interaction, she behaved in a good way. Negative examples of social interaction in this case is-At the time of live rehearsals of outbound call, Mike asked Sandra if he can skip part of thescript, because according to him it was embarrassing. After sometime e again interrupt inbetween and suggest Sandra that it should be done one on one with the manager. It was anegative interaction as Mike was not supposed to give advice to the manager on the very firstday of the job.The most serious negative example is when Mike suggested Sandra to do the training in otherway he wants. This is the most serious negative example because it was the first day of Mikestraining and he should not behave in such a way and Sandra is providing training from a longtime so she knows very well that which training method is effective or not.Many concepts from ethics can be applied in the given case and one of them is ethicalbehavior at workplace. Every person need to behave in an ethical way when he is at workplace.Workplace ethics are somewhat different from general ethical principles as there is some code ofconduct to be followed by employees at workplace. All the companies specify what is acceptable

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