Characterising IDEO's Process, Organisation, Culture and Management


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Case Study : IDEO PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTHow would you characterize IDEO’s process , organisation, culture and management?IDEO started by David Kelley in 1991 who was founder of IDEO, He merged with two companies-ID ONE which is owned by Bill Moggridge who was renowned designer and Matrix which was started by Mik Nuttall.David Kelley had larger company than two company so he became Chief Executive of new firm,IDEO.IDEO’s Organisation and ManagementIDEO was a flat organisation .All task was organised into project teams which were formed for project project completion after that they were scattered. There were job assignments or job titles which were not permanent in nature. They did not follow any organisation charts or titles , they believed in healthy environment. That was reason Project heads emerged because they had personal excitement to complete the project.There were 300 staff in the IDEO and handled design system in various countries like London, Chicago, Boston, Tokyo, New York and so many countries. All centers across the world operated individually, they were fully independent and manage business locally. they had very high communication by e-mail and always shared human talent when required.CULTURE AND PHILOSOPHYIDEO always tried to prototype as per clients demand and better than it’s competitors . Prototypes provided blueprint of the product and ensured everyone ,it would be same design as decided at the time of discussion about project.The culture itself reflected the importance that management focused on the creation of democracy of ideas. IDEO was growing to 300 employees but keeped each unit small. Employees are motivated to design their workplace as they wished so that they could reflect theirpersonalities.Company did not follow formal titles and any dress code, employee could come as they wished.Management provided freedom to all employees, they could leave their desk and walk anywhere to relax from mental blocks.
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